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Director of Central Intelligence Directives

Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCIDs) were formerly the principal instrument for defining intelligence community-wide policies. Since the establishment and the appointment of the Director of National Intelligence in 2005, however, many DCIDs have been updated, modified, replaced or reissued by the DNI as Intelligence Community Directives (ICDs). DCIDs that have been publicly released include the following. Somewhat awkwardly, they are indexed by CIA in "old" (P) and "new" categories, as listed below.

Old Category 1 - Protection of Sources and Methods - Requirements and Priorities

Old Category 2 - Selected Services of Common Concern

Old Category 3 - DCI Advisory Bodies

Old Category 4 -

Old Category 5 - Espionage, Counterintelligence and Foreign Liaison Activitiesd

Old Category 6 - Warning, Critical Communications, and Emergency Planning

Old Category 7 - Other DCI Policies and Procedures

DCIDs with New Numbers

Category 1 - Management

Category 2 - Analysis and Production

Category 3 - Collection

Category 4 - Program and Budget

Category 5 - Relationships

Category 6 - Security

Category 7 - Other

Category 8 - [?]

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Intelligence Directives

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