(Effective 11 March 1999)

Pursuant to provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, Executive Order (EO) 12333, EO 12951 and EO 12958, there is established an Intelligence Community Declassification Program Managers Council (DPMC).

1. Purpose

The DPMC will serve as the senior Intelligence Community support and advisory element to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) on declassification and information release issues that impact upon the various information release programs and cut across agency lines.

2. Responsibilities and Policy

The focus of the DPMC will be to:

a. Promote risk management approaches to declassification whenever appropriate.

b. Ensure that cross-agency equities are appropriately considered in reaching declassification decisions.

c. Promote cost effective declassification and release processes.

d. Coordinate Community plans for declassification, including the development of common requirements and standards.

e. Ensure that senior information management officers in the Intelligence Community recognize and discharge their responsibility to provide guidance for special declassification activities. Refer such activities to the Public Disclosure Coordinating Committee, a sub-element of this Council, for appropriate vetting to avoid the inadvertent compromise of intelligence sources and methods through flawed coordination or other procedural difficulties. When there is doubt, senior information management officers or their designees should refer to this Council those activities which present non-routine coordination challenges.

f. Promote the compatibility and interoperability of automated declassification and release systems. Sponsor multi-agency development efforts and test-beds.

g. Monitor program development and identify Community declassification resource shortfalls.

h. Address other matters as may be referred to it by the DCI.

3. Reporting

The DPMC shall report at least annually to the DCI on the status of the Committee's work.

4. Composition and Organization

The DPMC will be organized as follows:

a. The Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs, or designee, will chair the DPMC.

b. Membership of the DPMC will include senior representatives from:

c. The Chair of the DPMC may invite others to participate or advise as deemed appropriate.

d. The DPMC will meet quarterly or more frequently as the chair determines to be necessary.

e. Subgroups may be formed and will report back directly to the DPMC on a regular basis.

f. The Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs will provide the executive secretary and necessary staff support for the DPMC.

5. Applicability

This directive is effective for five years from the date of implementation. At that time, it shall be reviewed for continued applicability.

Source: CIA Hardcopy
Approved for Release: May 2002
MORI DocID: 769984