Pursuant to sections 102, 103, 110, and 111 of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, section 441 of Title 10, United States Code, and Executive Order 12333, the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) sets forth authorities and responsibilities for the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Analysis and Production (ADCI/AP) and the National Intelligence Production Board (NIPB) as the senior Intelligence Community (IC) officer and Intelligence Community Board for implementing DCI authorities and advising the DCI, as appropriate, with respect to the analysis and production of intelligence. Applicable provisions cited in DCID 1/1 (19 November 1998) are included by reference.

I. Policy

To assist in carrying out the DCI's responsibilities relating to the analysis and production of intelligence, the ADCI/AP, through collaborative processes described below, shall exercise DCI authority to oversee and ensure national intelligence analysis and production, monitor and evaluate the performance of analytic organizations relating to national intelligence based on established standards, and be the DCI's final arbiter in accordance with applicable law and presidential directive to ensure the optimal application of national analytic and production resources. Nothing in this directive is intended to modify the authorities of the heads of executive departments and agencies to exercise, consistent with the authorities and responsibilities of the DCI, their authorities to manage elements of the Intelligence Community within their departments. The ADCI/AP shall:

II. Responsibilities

The ADCI/AP, established by statute, under the direction of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence for Community Management (DDCI/CM) shall assist in carrying out the analysis and production authorities and responsibilities of the DCI as follows:

1. Serve as the DCI's principal Intelligence Community advisor and senior spokesperson on Community intelligence analysis and production matters.

2. Oversee Intelligence Community analysis and production activities and ensure that collaborative processes are in place to promote the most affordable, effective, and efficient allocation of resources.

3. Validate and advocate customer-derived information needs and establish a single, integrated requirements mechanism to provide prioritized intelligence requirements to NFIP production and collection managers and, as appropriate, submit analytic tasks for departmental intelligence production organizations in consultation with the heads of such organizations.

4. Establish, in partnership with the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Collection (ADCI/C), processes for using the substantive intelligence priorities of analysis to drive national collection requirements. Create a NIPB process to establish standards and priorities relating to the prioritization of collection requirements and analysis and production issues. The ADCI/AP will be the final arbiter for conflicts regarding the prioritization of national analysis and production and for collection requirements, if these conflicts cannot be resolved in Community fora, in order to exercise the DCI's authority to approve requirements and priorities levied on national collection assets except as otherwise agreed with the Secretary of Defense or pursuant to direction of the President.

5. Establish standards and processes, in concert with the ADCI/C and National Foreign Intelligence Program (NFIP) managers or department and agency heads as appropriate, to evaluate national intelligence capabilities to measurably improve Community performance in responding to customer-derived information needs and the DCI's intelligence priorities.

6. Conduct, in coordination with the National Intelligence Council as appropriate, independent evaluations of Community intelligence analysis and production capabilities to supportthe DCI's authorities to ensure the efficient and effective use of analytic and production resources and to eliminate waste and unnecessary duplication within the IC.

7. Direct competitive analysis of analytical products having national importance.

8. Oversee and promote the effective and efficient operation of interagency analysis and production committees and the alignment of their collective efforts with the information needs and priorities of intelligence customers as established by the ADCI/AP.

9. Design and support, in concert with the ADCI/C, implementation of seamless, cross-discipline collection and production strategies addressing intelligence gaps and focusing on current and long-term threats and strategic priorities.

10. Review and evaluate NFIP analysis and production programs and budgets as part of the Community Management annual review process.

1l. Assist the Senior Acquisition Executive (SAE) in the evaluation of the effectiveness of planned systems acquisition programs in meeting Community intelligence analysis and production priorities.

12. Establish processes to augment Community analytic efforts with outside expertise from other government agencies, allied intelligence organizations, academia, and the private sector.

13. Design and implement, in concert with the ADCI/C, the Senior Acquisition Executivin, and the IC Chief Information Officer (CIO), and other department and agency CIO's, a DCI process for translating intelligence analysis and production priorities into advanced research and development (AR&D) guidance, emphasizing information access and information infrastructure needs.

14. As co-Vice-Chair of the Mission Requirements Board (MRB), ensure that the Board defines and prioritizes future national foreign intelligence needs within substantive mission areas and drives those needs into intelligence planning, resource, and large system acquisition decisions.

15. Chair the National Intelligence Production Board.

16. Provide such additional analysis and production of intelligence as the President and the National Security Council may require.

III. The National Intelligence Production Board

A. The National Intelligence Production Board, chaired by the ADCI/AP, is the senior Intelligence Community advisory board and forum for achieving consensus on Community analysis and production issues. The NIPB consists of the heads of the Intelligence Community's analytic and production organizations or other appropriate designees.

The NIPB shall operate as the ADCI/AP's action arm to guide and oversee the Community's analytic resources and capabilities to validate and advocate customer-driven information needs and intelligence priorities; develop collaborative analysis/production strategies; evaluate and advise on Community analysis, production, and collection capabilities and performance against established metrics to meet the requirements of the DCI; and recommend investment opportunities. The NIPB shall be the principal enabler for the analysis and production initiatives outlined in the DCI's Strategic Intent and in the ADCI/AP's Strategic Direction. The NIPB shall work closely with the National Intelligence Collection Board to develop joint assessments of Intelligence Community collection and analytic capabilities.

B. The NIPB consists of core members, empowered to represent and, as appropriate, to commit their respective analytic and production capabilities, to include ADCI/AP (Chair) and ADCI/C, and the head or senior designees of the following:

C. The ADCI/AP may invite other organizations to participate in NIPB activities as appropriate. To the extent and in a manner consistent with applicable laws and regulations, the ADCI/AP may establish subsidiary committees, working groups, and panels of Community and outside experts to accomplish corporate responsibilities.

D. Members shall support the ADCI/AP with timely access to data and knowledgeable personnel to ensure that the DDCI/CM and the DCI are kept abreast of key analysis and production issues.

IV. Senior Partnerships

A. In addition to Community linkages maintained through the NIPB, the ADCI/AP, under the general direction of the DDCI/CM, partners with the Assistant Director of Central Intelligence for Administration (ADCI/A), ADCI/C, Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs (ExDir/ICA), SAE, IC CIO, and NFIP managers to improve intelligence analysis and production.

B. Intelligence Community Program Managers, or departments and agencies with elements in the Intelligence Community, as appropriate, shall:

1. Support the ADCI/AP with timely access to resource information and data related to Community analysis and production, knowledgeable personnel to ensure that the DCI can be kept abreast of imminent as well as long-term activities and/or deficiencies in analysis and production.

2. Ensure that representation on the NIPB consists of appropriate senior officers with the authority to actively seek constructive, collaborative solutions to complex analytic and production problems.

V. Applicability

This directive is effective on the date of signature. The DDCI/CM shall review this Directive for continued applicability within five years of its effective date.

/s/ George J. Tenet
Director of Central Intelligence

07 August 2000

Source: CIA Hardcopy
Approved for Release: May 2002
MORI DocID: 770013