Director of Central Intelligence Directive 3/15

Foreign Language Committee

(Effective 5 March 1982)

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Security Act of 1947, and Executive Order 12333, there is established a Foreign Language Committee.

1. Mission

The mission of the Foreign Language Committee is to serve as the focal point within the Intelligence Community, and between the Intelligence Community and other elements of the United States Government, for all matters dealing with recruitment, training, and retention of personnel with requisite foreign launguage expertise to serve the needs of the Community.

2. Functions

Under the general guidance of the Deputy Director of Central Intelligence, the Committee will:

3. Responsibilities of the Intelligence Community

Intelligence Community components will keep the Committee Chairman advised of initiatives designed to facilitate the recruitment, training, and retention of personnel with foreign language competence and collateral skills.

Individual Intelligence Community components will retain the responsibility for conducting their own language training programs.

4. Composition and Organization

The Committee Chairman will be appointed by the Director of Central Intelligence.

The members of the Committee will be representatives designated bv the Intelligence Community principals.

With the approval of the DCI, the Committee Chairman may invite representatives of relevant United States Government entities with national security interest to participate as appropriate.

The Committee will be supported by an Executive Secretariat.

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