Director of Central Intelligence Directive 1/20 1

Security Policy Concerning Travel and
Assignment of Personnel with Access to
Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)

(Effective 29 December 1991)

1This directive supersedes DCID 1/20, effective 20 July 1987.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 102 of the National Security Act of 1947 and Executive Order 12333, minimum security policy is herewith established for assignment and travel of U.S. Government civilian and military personnel, government consultants, and employees of government contractors who have access to SCI.

1. Definitions

2. Purpose

This policy is based on the need to protect SCI and SCI-indoctrinated personnel from the intelligence/counterintelligence threat as a consequence of hazardous travel. A listing of countries considered to present such threat(s) to SCI-indoctrinated personnel assigned to or traveling through these countries provides an essential baseline for SOICs responsible for rendering guidance to SCI-indoctrinated travelers and ensuring these travelers meet the requirements of this directive.

3. Policy

Persons granted access to SCI incur a special security obligation, and, with the exception of official travel, are discouraged from traveling to countries listed in the annex. SCI-indoctrinated travelers must be alerted to the risks associated with hazardous travel. Failure to comply with the following provisions may result in the withdrawal of approval for continued access to SCI and may be considered in determining whether to grant future SCI access approvals.

4. Responsibilities

5. Classification

This directive is UNCLASSIFIED.

Annex: Rescinded

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Approved for Release: May 2002
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