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DCID 8 Series Policy Memoranda 1
[ICD Designation Pending]

(U) Intelligence Community Implementation of
Releasable by Information Disclosure Official (RELIDO)
Dissemination Marking

I. (U//FOUO) Effective immediately, the Intelligence Community may use the dissemination marking Releasable By Information Disclosure Official (RELIDO) to facilitate information sharing through streamlined, rapid release decisions by authorized disclosure officials. RELIDO is a dissemination marking that may be applied to intelligence information to indicate that the originator has authorized Designated Intelligence Disclosure Officials (DIDO) to make further sharing decisions in accordance with the existing procedures for uncaveated intelligence material (intelligence with no restrictive dissemination controls). RELIDO may be used independently or in conjunction with the "REL TO" dissemination marking. When the RELIDO marking is applied by the originator, the releasing DIDO must follow existing sharing guidelines and maintain accurate records of all sharing decisions consistent with DCI directives. RELIDO will be incorporated into the Authorized Classification and Control Markings Register maintained by the Controlled Access Program Coordination Office (CAPCO) in accordance with DCID 6/6 IX H. The Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Management will administratively update the affected DCI directives to reflect the new marking. When a DIDO further shares intelligence information the DIDO is authorized to redact any "REL TO" designators necessary to protect the fact of, or the nature of a specific U.S. intelligence relationship.

II. (U//FOUO) The objective of adding RELIDO to material marked with "REL TO" is to allow such material to be released under the same rules for uncaveated intelligence as stated in DCID 6/7, Attachment A, B.2. Currently, "REL TO" is a limited exception to NOFORN and requires the originator's permission for further release. Existing policy provides the DIDO with the ability to release uncaveated intelligence material without obtaining originator permission. The RELIDO marking gives the originator the flexibility to pass the decision authority to the DIDO for material where the originator has employed the "REL TO" marking. Additionally, RELIDO can be used independently to explicitly state that a DIDO may make a release decision. The originator may choose to use "REL TO" without RELIDO, making the material NOFORN to those countries not in the "REL TO" list.

III. (U) Definition: Information Disclosure Officer (IDO): Refers to the Designated Intelligence Disclosure Official (DIDO). The term, IDO, was chosen to provide flexibility in future policy and refers only to the DIDO with respect to intelligence material.



[signed:] John Negroponte
Director of National Intelligence

Date: 6/9/05