Director of Central Intelligence Directive 3/1(1)

National Foreign Intelligence Board

(Effective 1/14/97)

Pursuant to the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, and Executive Order 12333, there is established a National Foreign Intelligence Board (NFIB).

1. Mission

The NFIB will serve as the senior Intelligence Community advisory instrumentality to the Director of Central Intelligence (DC) on the substantive aspects of national intelligence.

2. Functions

The NFIB will advise the DCI on:

3. Composition and Organization

The NFIB will be chaired by the DCI or the DDCI, or in their absence, by their designated representative.

The NFIB will be composed of senior representatives of Intelligence Community organizations involved mainly in the collection, processing, and analysis of intelligence.

The membership is as follows:

Director, National Reconnaissance and senior representatives of the military intelligence services will attend as members when matters under their purview are considered by NFIB; they may attend other NFIB sessions as observers.

Senior representatives of other government agencies outside of the Intelligence Community, such as the Department of Commerce and Drug Enforcement Administration, will be invited to attend when matters in which they have an interest are considered by the NFIB.

The NFIB will be supported by an Executive Secretariat.

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Approved for Release: DEC 2001
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