Director of Central Intelligence Directive 3/13

Community Nonproliferation Committee

(Effective 12 April 1993)

Pursuant to the provisions of section 102 of the National Security Act of 1947, and Executive Order 12333, there is hereby established a Community Nonproliferation Committee.

1. Mission

The Community Nonproliferation Committee will complement the Nonproliferation Center's goals by providing a forum for policy, enforcement and intelligence officials to consider plans, opportunities, developments, and related activities in the fields of weapons proliferation and technology transfer. In addition, CNPC will recommend courses of action designed to:

2. Functions

Under the general guidance of the Director of Central Intelligence, the Committee will:

3. Composition and Organization

The Committee Chairperson will be the Director, Nonproliferation Center or his designee.

Committee meetings will be convened by the Chairperson as needed appropriate [sic].

The Committee will be composed of a senior representative from each of the following organizations:

The Committee Chairperson will establish other subcommittees and working groups as required. Such subcommittees and working groups will submit a charter to the Committee for approval. All charters will include a sunset clause.

The Committee Chairperson may invite representatives of US Government entities with national security interests that are not members of the CNPC to participate in CNPC activities as appropriate.

The Committee will be supported by an Executive Secretariat.

Original Classification: SECRET NOFORN
Approved for Release: MARCH 2000
MORI DocID: 240944
Source: Courtesy of Jeffrey Richelson