Revised: 18 December 2003

Directory of RF Defense Related Agencies and Personnel

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General Staff of the Russian Federation Armed Forces

8th Directorate

10th Directorate

12th Main Directorate

16th Directorate

22nd Combined Arms Army

201st Motorized-Rifle Division

Agricultural Directorate

Airborne Troops

Air Force

Airspace Use and Air Traffic Control

Armaments Directorate, Main

Armor/Tank Directorate, Main

Billeting/Operations, Main Directorate

Budget and Finance, Main Directorate for

Cadres, Main Directorate for

Center for Military-Strategic Research

Central Directorate for Material Resources

Chemical/Radiation and Biological  Protection Troops

Civil Defense

Combat Training Directorate

Construction Agencies, Military

Construction and Billeting of Troops

Construction - Main Directorate for Special

Courier and Postal Services

"Dronovskiye" Special Purpose Submarine Unit

Education - Main Directorate for Military E.

Operations, Main Directorate

Organizational/Mobilization Directorate

Peacemaking Forces

Procuracy, Main Military

Radiation, Chemical, Biological Protection Troops

Railroad Troops

Rear Services

Search-and-Rescue, Diving & Deep-Water Ops, State NII for

Search and Rescue Directorate, Aviation-Space

Siberian Military District

Signal Communications

Space Troops

Special Monitoring Service

Special Purpose Command

Strategic Missile Troops

Topographic Directorate, Military

Trade, Main T. Directorate

Transport Communications, Central Directorate for

Treaty Monitoring Directorate

Troop Services & Safety of Military Service

Volga Military District

Volga-Ural Military District

ZATOs (Closed Administrative-Territorial Areas), MoD Department for