17 December 2003

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Ракетные войска стратегического назначения

(Strategic Missile Troops (RVSN))

CINC --- SOLOVTSOV, Nikolay Yevgen'yevich, Col-Gen,

appointed (ITAR-TASS, 27 Apr 01).


 Main Staff

Military Tribunal

  • "Of the 19 divisions that made up the Strategic Missile Troops in 2000, today there are just 10 left.  Strictly speaking, only two combined units -- the Tatishchevo Division (Saratov Oblast) and the Uzhur Division (near Omsk) -- can be described as combat-ready.  The eight others have already become storage depots for arms and hardware or will become that in the foreseeable future.  . . .The Chita large strategic formation has already died a death and a similar fate also lies in store for the Orenburg army.  And that represents no more and no less than a whole six divisions -- at Kartaly, Nizhniy Tagil, Yoshkar-Ola, Bersheti, Yasnoye, and Yurye" (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 14 Mar 02).
  • ["PERM, Eastern European Russia. Feb 22 (Interfax-AVN) - The disbandment of units of the Ternopil-Berlin missile division headquartered in the Perm region started on Friday in accordance with the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) reform program, a spokesman for the division headquarters told Interfax-Military News Agency. One of four regiments of the division stopped accomplishing combat duties and the first section of the railway missile system was sent for scrapping. The division was established 40 years ago and has been awarded Orders of Bohdan Khmelnytskyy and Red Star. Ever since its establishment the division would get the most latest missile systems, and in 1988 it started to commission railway missile systems which are practically impossible to track even from satellites. "In spite of the fact that the unit's disbandment is a decided matter, many of us doubt if the decision is timely," division commander Major General Boris Sinenko said" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Feb 02).]
  • [NOTE ON COMMAND AND CONTROL.  SERGEYEV: "The RVSN is the only branch of the Russian Armed Forces where both the weapons and the troops are commanded by the President and the Defense Minister.  The President can give an order to each launcher, setting target designations for each warhead." (Krasnaya Zvezda 8 Feb 95 p 2).]
  • "Before 1 June 2001 the Russian Federation branch of service the Strategic Missile Troops is to be transformed into the Russian Federation branches of service the Strategic Missile Troops and the Space Troops;" Presidential Edict No. 337s
  • [Previous CINCs:

--- YAKOVLEV, Vladimir Nikolayevich, Col-Gen (; Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 Sep 97).
--- SERGEYEV, Igor' Dmitriyevich, Gen Army Appointed 1 Sept. 1992.  (Krasnaya Zvezda 25 Aug 92; Armeyskiy Sbornik No 12, Dec 96).]

First Deputy CINC and Chief of the Main Staff --- KHUTORTSEV, Sergey, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 12 Feb 03)

·       [Previoius Chief of Main Staff was PERMINOV, Anatoliy Nikolayevich, Lt-Gen (]

First Deputy Chief-of-Staff --- PONOMARYEV, Sergey, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 12 Feb 03)

First Deputy Commander --- MURAVYEV, Vladimir, Col-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Sep 97).

·       [Previous First Deputy was SOLOVTSOV, Nikolay Yevgen'yevich, Col-Gen (Rossiyskiye Vesti 20 May 95).

Deputy Commander --- ALEXEYEV, Viktor P., Lieutenant-General (Military News Bulletin No 011, 1 Nov 02).

  • Born on February 14, 1951 in the town of Kamyshin, Volgograd Region, he graduated from the Rostov Higher Military School in 1973 and held various engineering, command and staff posts in the Strategic Missile Force. In 1985 he graduated from the Military Academy named after Felix Dzerzhinsky and held me posts of unit commander, division commander, chief of staff -first deputy commander of a missile army, head of the combat training directorate of the Strategic Missile Force, and commander of a missile army. He was appointed Deputy Commander of the Strategic Missile Force by presidential decree of September 16, 2002" (Military News Bulletin No 011, 1 Nov 02).]

Deputy CINC (Armaments) --- NIKITIN, Vladimir Alekseyevich, Col-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 25 Mar 93: Noted as a Lt-Gen 6 Jan 94; Noted as a Col-Gen 2 Jul 94; Military News Bulletin, 26 February 99).
Deputy CINC for Education Work --- MOROZ, Nikolay Maksimovich, Lt-Gen, (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Feb 97).
Deputy CINC for Space-based Devices --- GRIN, Valeriy Aleksandrovich, Lt-Gen, (Krasnaya Zvezda 14 Apr 98; NTV 22 May 99).
Deputy CINC --- DREMOV, Viktor (RIA Novosti, 9 Apr 01).


 Chief --- VASYAGIN, Anatoliy, Lt-Gen Just, (Segodnya, 6 Mar 99).

  • [VASYAGIN was a Member of the Presidium of the Council of Courts (Совет судей) with the rank of Maj-Gen Just (Krasnaya Zvezda 26 Mar 94 p 1).]


·  4th Central NII

·  27th Missile Army  

·  28th Guards Bryansk Division  

·  33rd Missile Army

·  59th Kartalinskaya Division

·  60th Missile Division

·  104th Missile Regiment

·  Arkhangel'sk (Mirnyy) Test Range


·  Balezino-3 Technical Repair Base

·  Bershetsk Division

·  Cadres Training and Assignments

·  Central Command Post

·  Combat Training

·  Combat Transportation Service

·  Education, Directorate for

·  Educational Work Sector


·  Engineering Service

·  Equipment and Automated Systems Procurement

·  Medical Services

·  Melitopol Missile Division  

·  Military Unit 66653

·  Missile/Space Armaments

·  Missile / Space Defense Forces Army

·  Motor Vehicle Service

·  Operations Directorate


·  Orenburg Missile Army

·  Organizational/Mobilization Directorate

·  Operational-tactical Studies Center

·  Procuracy, Military

·  Purchasing and Supplies of Missile Weaponry

·  Rear Services

·  Signal Troops 

 Chief of the Main Staff --- ?

[Previous Chiefs of Staff::
    --- PERMINOV, Anatoliy, Lt-Gen, (Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Sep 97 p 1).  (Krasnaya Zvezda 26 Nov 98 pp 1, 3).
    --- YAKOVLEV, Vladimir Nikolayevich , Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 6 Jan 97 p 1).
    --- YESIN, Viktor Ivanovich, Col-Gen. Noted as a Lt-Gen, (Voyeninform Military News Bulletin No 11 1994 p 9). Noted as a Col-Gen, (Moscow ITAR-TASS 1606 GMT 9 Feb 95). (Moscow NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA 5 Oct 96 p 2).  BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, YESIN: born 14 Feb 1937 in Moscow. Moscow Aviation Institute.  Dzerzhinskiy Military Academy (1961), and the General Staff Academy (1983).  Served in Missile Troops since August 1959 in engineering and staff posts.  Took part in the deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba in 1962.  Appointed to RVSN Main Staff in 1976.  Worked in Main Operations Directorate rising to Chief of the Directorate.  Appointed Chief of the Main Staff of the 'ICBM Force' in October 1994. (VOYENINFORM MILITARY NEWS BULLETIN No 11 1994 p 9). Married, 2 children. (Krasnaya Zvezda 2 Sep 95 p 4).]
    --- KOCHEMASOV, Stanislav Grigor'yevich, Col-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Jul 93 pp 1-2).

First Deputy Chief of Staff --- PONOMAREV, Sergey, ?-Gen (Izvestiya, 15 Oct 02).
Deputy Chief of Staff --- UVAKIN, Vladimir Dmitriyevich, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 28 Oct 98 p 1).

27th Missile Army [RVSN Main Staff]

  • Located in Vladimir Oblast (Internovosti, 1 Oct 01).

Taman division [27th Army]

·         Deployed in the Tatishchevo, Saratov region "will include four regiments armed with Topol-M.  The division received the first intercontinental silo-based RS-12M Topol missiles in 1997. It was the first division to be put on combat duty under the command of Col. Yuri Petrovsky in December 1999. Each regiment is armed with six to ten inter-continental ballistic missiles" (Interfax, 17 Dec 03).

28th Guards Bryansk Division [RVSN Main Staff]

  • (Versty, 20 Dec 01).

33rd Missile Army [RVSN Main Staff]

  • "Headquartered at the Pashino village near Novosibirsk" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Aug 02).

Commander --- SHVAICHENKO, Andrey, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Aug 02).

  • [Previous Commander was KONAREV, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 12 Apr 00 p 1; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey,12 Mar 02).]

59th Kartalinskaya Division [RVSN Main Staff]

  • (Агентство Финмаркет, 27 Jan  02).

60th Missile Division  [RVSN Main Staff]

  • Saratov Oblast (Trud, 23 Dec 03).

104th Missile Regiment  [RVSN Main Staff]

        [Topol-M (Interfax 1240 GMT 1 Dec 98).]

 4th Central Scientific-Research Institute

Arkhangel'sk (Mirnyy) Test Range [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- ZHURAVLEV, Yuriy Mikhaylovich, Lt-Gen (Moscow ITAR- TASS in English 1456 GMT 13 Apr 94). (Krasnaya Zvezda 12 Jul 96 p 2).

  • [ZHURVALEV, Yuriy Mikhaylovich, Lt-Gen :  commanded a missile division formerly stationed in Belarus. Candidate of Military Sciences.  Written over 50 scientific works. Full member of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy and a corresponding member of the Russian Engineering Academy.  (Krasnaya Zvezda 12 Jul 96 p 2).]

Chief of Staff --- YUDIN, Nikolay, ?-Gen (ITAR-TASS 1456 GMT 13 Apr 94).

Balezino-3 Technical Repair Base   [RVSN Main Staff]

    --- [Near Izhevsk, missile destruction facility, (Moscow Radio Rossii Network in Russian 1800 GMT 22 Oct 94).]

Commander -- ZVONKO, Aleksey, Col (Moscow Radio Rossii Network in Russian 1800 GMT 22 Oct 94).

Bershetsk Division

Commander --- SINENKO, Boris, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvevda 9 Jun 01).

Cadres Directorate  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- LYSENKO, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 6 Dec 03).

Central Command Post  [RVSN Main Staff]

·  [In town of Perkhushkovo (Segodnya 23 Sep 94 p 1).]

Chief --- DENISYUK, Vitaliy, Maj-Gen, (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5 Oct 96).

Central Computer Center

·         (Krasnaya Zvezda, 9 Jul 03).

Combat Training  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- SHCHERBOVICH, Vasiliy, Major-General (Krasnaya Zvezda, , 4 Aug 03: 21 Nov 03).

·         Previous Chief was KHUTORTSEV, Sergey, Lt-Gen, (Krasnaya Zvezda, 4 Sep 97; 24 Mar 99).

Combat Transportation Service  [RVSN Main Staff]

Head --- CHERNYAYEV, Yevgeny, Colonel (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 4 Aug 00).

Educational Work, Sector for  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- KHOMENKO, Ivan, (Itar-Tass, 10 Oct 97).

Education, Directorate for

Perm Higher Military Command-Engineer
Petr Velikiy RVSN Military Academy

Rostov Military Institute  
Serpukhov Military Institute

Rostov Military Institute of the Missile Troops (Ростовский военный институт ракетных войск)

·         344027 г. Ростов-на-Дону, пр. Октября, 24/50.

·         Специальности: управление и информатика в технических системах; системы управления летательными аппаратами; средства радиоэлектронной борьбы; радиотехника; метрология и метрологическое обеспечение.  Квалификация - инженер. (, 24 Nov 03).

 (Stavropol) Branch [Rostov Military Institute]

·         355017 Ставрополь, ул. Артема, 2.

·         Специальности: автоматизированные системы обработки информации и управления; радиосвязь; радиовещание и телевидение; многоканальные телекоммуникационные системы; сети связи и системы коммуникации.
Квалификация - инженер. (, 24 Nov 03).

Serpukhov Military Institute of the Missile Troops (Серпуховской военный институт ракетных войск)

·         142202 г. Серпухов Московской обл., ул. Бригадная, 17.

·         Специальности: управление и информатика в технических системах; системы управления летательными аппаратами; электроника и автоматика физических установок; информационно-измерительная техника и технологии; приборы и системы ориентации, стабилизации и навигации; автомобили и автомобильное хозяйство.  Квалификация - инженер. (, 24 Nov 03).

Petr Velikiy Military Academy of the RVSN

·         (Военная академия Ракетных войск стратегического назначения им. Петра Великого)

·        [103074 Moscow, K-71, Kitaygorodskij proyezd, 9/5 (Москва, Китайгородский проезд, 9/5.)

·         Специальности: управление и информатика в технических системах; стартовые и технические комплексы ракет и космических аппаратов; системы управления летательными аппаратами; вычислительные машины, комплексы, системы и сети (специальность: эксплуатация средств вычислительной техники); баллистика; информационно-измерительная техника и технология; электроника и автоматика физических установок; программное обеспечение вычислительной техники и автоматизированных систем.  Квалификация - инженер; инженер-физик. (, 24 Nov 03).

Engineering/Technical Service  [RVSN Main Staff]

 Chief --- KHVORSTYANOV, Andrey, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 7 Feb 03).

 Equipment and Automated Systems Procurement Directorate [RVSN Main Staff]

(Управление комплектования оборудованием и автоматикой)

  • [Supplies the entire cycle of RVSN activities with technical equipment. This includes not only combat units, but also test ranges, arsenals, military educational institutions, and other subunits and institutions of the missile troops. Also responsible for assurance of nuclear safety, repair work on military equipment and weapons, elimination of malfunctions, and replacement of assemblies and mechanisms upon expiration of warranty periods of operation, and maintenance of the technical and living areas of military garrisons -- operation, capital construction, life support infrastructure. (NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA, 18 May 96).]
  • Войсковая часть N 52695 (Агентство Алгоритм, 25 Jan 02).

Chief --- MELESHKO, Vyacheslav Nikolayevich, Maj-Gen, (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 18 May 96 p 2; Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Dec 96).

  •  [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, MELESHKO: born in Orenburg on May 20, 1950. Military-Engineering Academy imeni A.F. Mozhayskiy, specialty of "military engineer-builder".  Worked on a capital construction, procurement and equipment orders team, squad and department. Since 1978, served in the Strategic Missile Troop's Equipment and Automation Procurement Directorate. Chief of that directorate since 1993. “Honored Builder of the Russian Federation.” Candidate of Technical Sciences. Economics Academy (1994).  Masters of Government Management.  Orders of the Red Star and "For Military Service".  Married and has two sons. (Moscow NEZAVISIMAYA GAZETA in Russian, 18 May 96 p 2).  Russian Federation Honored Construction Worker, Candidate of Technical Sciences, and Corresponding Member of the K.E. Tsiolkovskiy Academy of Cosmonautics.  (Krasnaya Zvezda 4 Dec 96 p 1).]

Kozelsk Missile Division

·        UR-100N UTTKh-Stiletto missiles Argumenty i Fakty, 12 Nov 03).

Commander --- FEDOROV, ?-Gen (Argumenty i Fakty, 12 Nov 03).

Medical Services  [RVSN Main Staff]

  • (Krasnaya Zvezda 29 Oct 93 p 2).
  • Clinical Hospital --- Chief --- KARPALOV, Vasiliy Timofeyevich, Col Med-Svc (Pravda 26 Feb 03).

Melitopol Red Banner Missile Division

  • ["Three kilometers from the single-name village of Yurya in Kirov Oblast; it is 70 kilometers northwest of the city of Kirov. . . . the Melitopol Missile Division is city-forming organization (on a status basis) of a closed administrative-territorial formation (ZATO). It is comprised of the villages of Pervomaysk (administrative center) and Oktyabrsk. The total population is nearly 11,000 people, and the adult population is less than 9,000 people" (Krasnaya Zvezda, 16 Apr 03).

Commander -- Arzamastsev, Sergey Ivanovich, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 16 Apr 03).

Military Unit 66653

  • A strategic missile unit which is serviced by the Sverdlovenergo joint-stock company (Segodnya 21 May 01).

Missile/Space Armaments, Directorate for [RVSN Main Staff]

  • (Управление ракетно-космического вооружения)

Chief (Начальник) --- SUBBOTIN, Valeriy, Lt-Gen (генерал-лейтенант Валерий Субботин) (RIA Novosti, 18  May 01).

Missile and Space Defense Forces Army  [RVSN Main Staff]

 Commander --- MARTYNOV, Sergey Sergeyevich, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 Apr 99).

Mobile Based (Troops)  [RVSN Main Staff]

  • ( Izvestiya, 22 Feb 90).

Kostroma SS-24 (RS-22) Missile Regiment [Mobil Troops]

    • [Rail-Mobile, (Moscow Russian Television Network in Russian 1900 GMT 14 Apr 95).  Rail Station is named Vasilek (Krasnaya Zvezda 13 Jan 99 pp 1, 2).]

Commander --- ZHURAVLEV, Valeriy, Col, (Krasnaya Zvezda 13 Jan 99 pp 1, 2).

Motor Vehicle Service  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- DUDUKALO, Pavel, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 16 Mar 96; 28 Jun 00).

Nuclear Security Service

Chief --- GRIGOR'YEV, , Maj-Gen, appointed 17 Feb 01, (<>, 17 Feb 01).

Operations Directorate [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- PONOMAREV, Sergey Alekseyevich, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 4 Sep 97;  noted as a Lt-Gen, (Krasnaya Zvezda, 9 Jun 01).

[Previous Chiefs:

  • --- LATA, Vasiliy, Lt-Gen, (Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 5 Oct 96).
  • --- YESIN, Viktor Ivanovich, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 25 Mar 93; 28 Apr 94).]

First Deputy Chief --- SVETIKOV, Anatoliy, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 19 Jan 94: 15 Mar 95).

Organizational/Mobilization Directorate  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- UVAKIN, Vladimir Dmitriyevich, Lt-Gen  (Itar-Tass, 10 Oct 97; Krasnaya Zvezda 18 Feb 98; noted as a Lt-Gen (Armeyskiy Sbornik, 01 Dec 99).

  • "Lieutenant-General Vladimir Dmitriyevich Uvakin was born on August 21, 1952 in the village of Kiya, Arkhangelsk Oblast. He graduated from Riga VVKIU [Higher Military Command Engineering School] in 1974 and from the Military Academy imeni F.E. Dzerzhinsiy in 1985. He performed duty in the posts of squad leader, launch battery commander, deputy battalion commander, missile regiment chief of staff and regimental commander, division chief of staff, army headquarters organizational mobilization department chief, and missile division commander. He has been chief of the RVSN [Strategic Missile Troops] Main Staff Organizational Mobilization Directorate since 1997. He has been decorated with orders 'For Meritorious Military Service' and with the 'Badge of Honor'." (Armeyskiy Sbornik, 01 Dec 99).
  • [Previous Chief was PUTILIN, Vladislav, Lt-Gen (Noted as a Maj-Gen, Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Jul 92; noted as a Lt-Gen, 29 May 93).

Operational-tactical Studies, Center for  [RVSN Main Staff]

·        (Voyeninform Military News Bulletin, No 10, Oct 1993).

Omsk Missile Combined Formation

Commander --- Shvaychenko, Andrey, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 31 Oct 03).

Orenburg Missile Army [RVSN Main Staff]

Commander --- BORZENKOV, Anatoliy, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Jun 01).

Procuracy, RVSN Military [Main Military Procuracy]

RVSN Military Procurator --- Major-General Alexander Mitkov (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 20 Feb 03).

  • Previously --- VERTUKHIN, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen Just (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Dec 01; 7 Feb 02).

Purchasing and Supplies of Missile Weaponry, Directorate for  [RVSN Main Staff]

·  [May be the same as above mentioned Equipment and Automatic Systems Procurement Directorate]

Chief --- SUBBOTIN, Valeriy, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda 21 May 96; Rossiyskiye Vesti, 17 Oct 97).

Rear Services  [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- KOLESNIKOV, Vasiliy, Lt-Gen (Itar-Tass, 10 Oct 97).

Food Service [Rear Services]

Chief --- UGLOV, Sergey, (Krasnaya Zvezda, 16 Jul 99)

Signal Troops [RVSN Main Staff]

Chief --- RUDAKOV, Valeriy Vasil’yevich, Lt-Gen, (Armeyskiy Sbornik, Jan 96 No 1; Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 17-24 Dec 98).

  •  [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION, RUDAKOV: was born on November 28, 1943 in the village of Leninskoye of Khabarovsk Kray. Entered Kamyshin Military Technical School in 1962. Transferred to Rostov Higher Military Command-Engineering School of the Missile Troops which he completed with honors in 1968. Completed the faculty of the leading engineering staff of the Military Communications Academy imeni S.M Budennyy in 1979. Has served in command positions in the Strategic Missile Troops [SMT].  Appointed SMT Signals Troops chief in 1992. (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye 17-24 Dec 98).]