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North Caucasus Military District

(Северо-Кавказский военный округ/СКВО)

Commander --- BOLDYREV, Vladimir Anatol'yevich, General of the Army (Appointed, RIA-Novosti, 19 Dec 02; promoted to Gen Army, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 17 Dec 03).

(Photo: Vechernyy Novosibirsk, 18 Oct 02).
[Previous Commander, TROSHEVGennadiy NikolayevichCol-Gen(Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 28 Mar 01; noted as a Col-Gen: Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 2 Jun 00), was relieved of duty following his refusal to accept assignment as Commander of the Siberian MD (18 Dec 02).]
  • "ROSTOV-ON-DON, May 15 (AVN) - Colonel General Gennady Troshev, commander of the North Caucasus military district, will fly to Mozdok, the main federal base in the North Caucasus, by plane and later to Khankala by helicopter on Tuesday, a competent source in the district headquarters told the Military News Agency. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov made Troshev commander of the unified federal group in the region again for the period of three months. The current commander, Colonel General Valery Baranov, will take a holiday but will not return to Chechnya for he is to go back to the duties of the district's first deputy commander, his main post. Lieutenant General Vladimir Bulgakov, the district's chief-of-staff and first deputy commander, will be acting commander during Troshev's service trip" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 15 May 01).
First Deputy Commander (Chief of Staff) --- MASLOV, Aleksey, Lieutenant-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 7 Apr 03).
  • [Maslov: born in the village of Panskoye in the Kursk region on September 23, 1953. Graduated from the Kharkov Guards Higher Tank Command School in 1974, Armored Troops Academy in 1984, and General Staff Academy in 1998. From 1974 to 1981, he served in the Near-Carpathian military district has tank platoon commander, tank company commander, and tank battalion commander. From 1984 to 1990, he held the posts of deputy regiment commander, tank regiment commander, deputy division commander, and tank division commander. IN 1991 appointe Deputy Commander of the Baykal MD for Combat Training. In June 1999, he became chief-of- staff and first deputy commander of the 36th army, and in June 2001, he was promoted to commander of the 57th army corps" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 7 Apr 03; Красная звезда, 09 Apr 03).]
  • Previous Chief of Staff was BULGAKOV, Vladimir, Col-Gen (Chief of Staff, N Caucasus MD -- Lenta.ru31 Mar 00; Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 24 Jul 02). (Promoted to Col-Gen, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Jun 01).
"Colonel General Vladimir Bulgakov has been dismissed as chief-of-staff of the North Caucasus military district."Colonel General Bulgakov who headed the district headquarters from March 2000, was dismissed and put at the defense minister's disposal. He is still in the city of Rostov-on-Don and will participate in a front-level command post exercise (CPX) under the supervision of Chief-of-Staff Anatoly Kvashnin within Kvashnin's group. After that he will be offered a higher post," a competent source in the district headquarters told Interfax-Military News Agency on Wednesday.According to the source, "Colonel General Vladimir Boldyrev appointed the district's commander in December last year continues to form his team in the district's leadership."Major General Nikolai Yegorov has recently been appointed Boldyrev's deputy commander on combat training. He previously held the same post in the Siberian military district that was led by Boldyrev at that moment. Another fellow serviceman of the new North Caucasus district commander, Lieutenant General Alexei Maslov, who is commander of a corps stationed in the city of Ulan-Ude, is supposed to replace Bulgakov in the near future" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 26 Mar 03).

First Deputy Commander --- POPOV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 8 Jun 00).
Deputy Commander --- POSTNIKOV-STREL'TSOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen
Deputy Commander (Armaments) --- GOLOVCHENKO, 
Vyacheslav, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 17 Dec 03).
Deputy Commander (Combat Training) --- YEGOROV, Nikolay,Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 26 Mar 03).

  • [Previous Combat Training Chief was ASHUROV, Mukhriddin, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 12 Apr 00; 21 Feb 02).
Deputy Commander (Emergency Troops) --- MALTENSKIY, Vladimir, Lt-Gen(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 07 Feb 01).
Deputy Commander --- BARANOV, ValeriyCol-Gen(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 10 Jul 00; noted as a Col-Gen, 11 Mar 02). 

Deputy Commander (Indoctrination Work) --- SEROV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Mar 03).

Chief of the Press Service -- KONASHENKOV, Igor (Moscow Channel One Novosti, 4 Aug 03)

7th (Novorossiysk) Airborne Division [North Caucasus MD Commander]

  • [See 7th AD in Airborne Troops listing.]


Chief of Staff --- MASLOV, Aleksey, Lieutenant-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 7 Apr 03).


·22nd Spetsnaz Brigade

·42nd Motorized-Rifle Division

·126th Motorized-Rifle Brigade

·131st Motorized-Rifle Brigade

·205th Motorized-Rifle Brigade

·Construction Directorate

·Daryal Training Ground

·Engineering Troops

·Signals Troops

·Indoctrination Work, Directorate for

4th Air Force and Air Defence Army [Air Force]

Commander --- ZELIN, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen (Interfax, 22 Jun 01). 

20th Guards Motorized-Rifle Division [N Caucasus MD Staff]

  • Headquarters in city of Volgograd (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Jul 02).
  • A permanent-readiness unit (ITAR-TASS, 18 Jul 03).
Commander --- MOISEYEV, Sergey, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Mar 02).
  • [Previous Commander was KHRULEV, Anatoliy, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 28 Jun 01).]
Chief of Staff --- LAPIN, Aleksandr, Colonel (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 10 Jun 02).

22nd Spetsnaz Brigade[N Caucasus MD Staff]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 10 Jan 02).

42nd Motorized-Rifle Division [58th Army]

  • ["The leadership of the Ministry of Defense submitted a proposal to the Russian Federation president to subordinate the formation directly to the military district. Vladimir Putin supported this proposal. As Sergey Ivanov reported, the re-subordination of the division (which is still attached to the 58th Combined Arms Army) is associated with the need for effective command and control, as well as with the fact that when the formation shifts to contract-based service, the district command will be able to resolve any issues that may arise on his own without having to go through other levels in between" (Krasnaya Zvezda in Russian 18 Jul 03).]
Commander --- CHIRKIN, Vladimir ValentinovichCol, (Russian TV RTR 1000 GMT 18 Sep 00). (Krasnaya Zvezda in 17 Oct 00 )(Krasnaya Zvezda in 20 Jan 01).
  • "Col Vladimir Valentinovich Chirkin was born on 12 October 1955 in the Dagestan city of Khasavyurt. He is a graduate of the Kazan Suvorov and Alma-Alta Higher Military General-Purpose Troops Command School. He served in the Group of Soviet Troops in Germany and in five (!) military districts. He graduated from the Frunze Military Academy. For three years he headed the staff of the 19th Motorized Rifle Division. After graduating from the Academy of the General Staff in 2000, he was appointed commander of the 42nd Guard Motorized Rifle Division. He is married and has four children. His son is a student at a military institute." (Krasnaya Zvezda in 17 Oct 00 ).
    • ? Previous Commander --- BAKHIN, Arkadiy Viktorovich, Maj-Gen (KZ 10 Jun 00). [BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION: "Бахин Аркадий Викторович. Родился в 1956 г. Окончил Московское ВОКУ, военные академии им. М.В. Фрунзе и Генерального штаба. Служил на различных должностях в Средне-азиатском, Сибирском военных округах, в Группе российских войск в Закавказье. Будучи командиром мотострелковой бригады СибВО, участвовал в боевых действиях в Чечне, был ранен. Последняя должность перед нынешним назначением - командир 102-й военной базы в ГРВЗ. Награжден государственными наградами." (KZ 10 Jun 00).]

70th Motorized-Rifle Regiment [42 MRD]

    • (Novaya Gazeta, 18 Nov 02).

71st Regiment [42nd MRD]

    • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey , 5 Mar 01).

72 Guards Motorized-Rifle Regiment [42nd MRD]

    • [Stationed at Kalinovskaya (Interfax, 1 Jul 00)]

 291st Motorized-Rifle Regiment [42nd MRD]

    • ["The regiment is headquartered in village of BorzoiShatoi district of Chechnya" (Interfax, 1 Jul 00; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Mar 02).]
    •  [Reinforced with troops from Leningrad MD (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 22 May 01).]

50th SP Artillery Regiment [42nd MRD]

    • (Novaya Gazeta, 18 Nov 02).

58th Combined Arms Army [N Caucasus MD Staff]

Commander --- SOBOLEV, Viktor Ivanovich, Maj-Gen. Prior to his current appointment, he served as a deputy army commander in the Siberian Military District. Appointed (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 9 Apr 03 ).
  • "Sobelev was born on February 23, 1950 in Krasnodar. He completed the Higher Combined Arms Command Institute, the M. V. Frunze Military Academy, and the Russian Federation Armed Forces General Staff Military Academy. He has held positions ranging from the commander of a motorized rifle platoon to the deputy commander-in-chief of the Army. Since 2002 he has been the deputy commander of the Combined Group of Forces (s) in the Northern Caucasus. In March 2003 he was appointed the commander of the 58th Army for the North Caucasus Military District" (Krasnaya Zvezda, 28 Aug 03).
? --- BUNIN, Sergey, Maj-Gen [Referred to as "Commander of a Combined-Arms Army" in the NCMD (Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 Jul 03).
  • [Previous Commander wasa GERASIMOV, Valeriy, Lt-General. Appointed (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 01; noted as a Lt-Gen, ITAR-TASS, 13 Aug 02 ). Transfered to Far E MD.]
  • [Previous Commander was SHAMANOV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey 1542 GMT 5 Apr 00). However, Sh. Was elected Governor of Ulyanovsk region in December of 2000. "Official data on the results of the 24 December Ulyanovsk Region gubernatorial elections: "General Vladimir Shamanov garnered 346,000 votes on the strength of 603,000 ballot-papers which were recognized as valid. Incumbent governor Yuriy Goryachev gained 145,000 votes. Twenty three thousand people voted against all candidates. The polling involved 56.29 per cent of registered voters" (ITAR-TASS 27 Dec 00).]
Chief of Staff --- CHIRKIN, Vladimir, ?-Gen, (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 8 Oct 02).
  • [Previous Chief of Staff was ARTYUKH, Vasily, Major-General. Appointed (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 01).]
Deputy Commander --- SERIKOV, Sergei, Major-General (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 11 Jan 01).
Deputy Commander --- VERBITSKIY, Aleksey, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 20 Oct 00).

Deputy Commander (Missile/Artillery Troops) --- BORISENKO, VladimirCol (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Nov 00)

19th Guards Motorized-Rifle Division [58th Army]

  • [According to a spokesman for the 58th Army, "the 19th division is a base for training officers for military service within units of the 42nd Guards Motorized-Rifle Division permanently stationed in Chechnya." The 19th division is stationed in Vladikavkaz (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 14 Mar 02).]
Commander --- Dvornikov, Alexander, Colonel (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 1 Oct 01; 14 Mar 02).
  • [Previous Commander was TITOV, Vladimir, Maj-Gen. Promoted to Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 13 Jun 01).]
503rd Motorized-Rifle Regiment [?]
  • [(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 14 Mar 02)

126th Motorized-Rifle Brigade

    • Based in Buynaksk (RTR 17 Jan 03 ).

136th Separate Motorized-Rifle Brigade [58th Army]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 7 Aug 01). Located in Buinaksk (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Mar 02).
537th Separate Reconnaissance Battalion [136th Motorized-Rifle Brigade]
          • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 6 Aug 02).

205th Separate Motorized-Rifle Brigade [58th Army]

  • [Located in Budennovsk (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Mar 02).]
Commander -- TULIN, Sergey, Maj-Gen, appointed (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 20 Jul 00;promoted to Maj-Gen, 13 Jun 01).
  • [ Полковник Сергей Тулин родился в деревне Малы-Ганлы (Башкирия). Ему 43 года. Окончил Рязанское высшее воздушно-десантное командное училище (1980 г.), Военную академию имени Фрунзе (1990 г.) и Военную академию Генерального штаба (2000 г.). Проходил службу в Воздушно-десантных войсках, где последовательно занимал должности от командира взвода до командира 104-го парашютно-десантного полка 76-й воздушно-десантной дивизии. В 1993 году был назначен старшим офицером направления Главного управления международного военного сотрудничества Минобороны РФ, откуда и поступил в Военную академию Генерального штаба. Полковник Сергей Тулин принимал участие в боевых действиях в Афганистане и Чечне. Был начальником штаба российского батальона ООН в Восточной Славонии. За мужество и героизм, проявленные в боях в Чеченской республике, в 1995 году удостоен звания Героя России. (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 09:20 MT, 20 Jul 00).]

693rd Motorized-Rifle Regiment [58th Army]

(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 7 Aug 01).

67th Separate SAM Brigade [N Caucasus MD Staff]

  • Headquartered in Volgograd (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Jul 02).

67th Army Corps

  • [To be disbanded by December 1 (2001). Its reformed units were to be transferred to the 58th Army headquartered in Vladikavkaz, while the 131st separate motorized rifle brigade was to be made directly subordinate to the district headquarters and continue training units for peacekeeping operations in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 17 Sep 01 ).]

131st Motorized-Rifle Brigade [N Caucasus MD Staff]

  • [Headquartered in the town of Maikop (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Jul 02).]
Commander --- ZARUDNITSKIY, Vladimir Maj-Gen. Promoted to Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 13 Jun 01).

Armaments Directorate [N Caucasus MD Staff]

Chief --- NEDOREZOV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 24 Sep 01).

Engineering Troops [N Caucasus MD Staff]

Commander --- KRASNIKOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen(Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 7 Feb 01).

Sapper Brigade (stationed in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky).

Commander --- LAPSHIN, VladimirCol (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 1 Aug 01).

Center No. 408: Communications Training Center

    • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 23 Jan 03).

Center No. 522: Military Mortuary Unit [N Caucasus MD Staff]

  • (RTR, 25 Sep 00).

Construction and Troop Billeting

Chief --- SHATVORYAN, Leonid Georgiyeyich, Lieutenant-General (Krasnaya Zvezda 13 Jul 00).

Construction Directorate [Construction and Troop Billeting]

Chief --- IVANOV, YuriyCol (ArmeyskiySbornik 01 Aug 00 pp 11-15).

Military Construction Directorate (at Sochi) [Construction and Troop Billeting]

  • (Krasnaya Zvezda 13 July 00).

Khankala Military Construction Directorate [Construction and Troop Billeting]

  • (Krasnaya Zvezda 13 July 00).

Daryal Training Ground

  • ["in North Ossetia, the country's only high-altitude training ground" (Russia TV RTR, 31 Jan 02).]

Indoctrination Work, Directorate for (Воспитательная работа)

Chief --- SEROV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 19 Mar 02).

Procuracy, Military [Main Military Procuracy]

Military Procurator --- Romashko,Anatoliy, Major-General of Justice (ITAR-TASS, 8 Sep 03).

Rear Services

Chief--- SOLOVYEV, Aleksandr, Major-General (Kommersant, 17 Jan 02).

Sanitary and Epidemiological Detachment [N Caucasus MD Staff]

Head --- DemenevValery, Colonel (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 1 Aug 01).

Signals Troops (Войска связи[N Caucasus MD Staff]

Chief --- ISAYKIN, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 4 May 01).