Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Table of Contents
Apr-Jun 96
  1. Vantage Point
  2. CSM Forum
  3. Concepts and Doctrine
  1. Redesigning the Army Through Warfighting Experients
    by Lieutenant General Paul E. Menoher, Jr.
  2. The Military Intelligence Vision for the XXI Century
    by Major general Charles W. Thomas with Captain Cary C. Harbaugh
  3. The EXFOR Intelligence in Force XXI
    by Lieutenant Colonel John R. Brooks and Lieutenant Colonel Steven L. Campbell
  4. Division XXI Intelligence Operations
    by Captain Erasmo A. Maritnez
  5. The Airborne Division's Initial DISE
    by Lieutenant Colonel Victor M. Rosello
  6. Internetted Structures and C2 Nodes
    by Robert J. Bunker, Ph.D.
  7. Force XXI - An Army IMINT Concept
    by Major Daniel W. Smith, Virginia Army National Guard
  8. Support to Force XXI: Land Capability Spectrum Model
    by Kent Schlussel, Ph.D., Ben A. Farmer, Jr., and Paul A. Zimmerman
  9. The Threat Environment in Peace-Related Operations
    by Alan R. goldman, Ph.D.
  10. Force XXI MI Officer Professional Development
    by Major Timothy P. Kiely and Captain Duane A. Dannewitz
  11. Intelligence and the Peacekeeper in Haiti
    by Major Denver E. Mcpherson
  12. Fortitude South D-Day Deception
    by Major Richard G. Ricklefs