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Moscow Military District

Commander --- YEFREMOV, Ivan, Col-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Jul 01; Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 6 Mar 02).

First Deputy Commander (Chief-of-Staff) --- SHEMETOV, Viktor Col-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 9 April 03).

  • Shemetov was born in Kursk Region in 1950, . . . He graduated from the Moscow Higher Joint-Arms Command College in 1971, Frunze Military Academy in 1984, and General Staff Academy in 1994. He held command positions in various military districts, commanded a regiment, a division, and an army. From 1999 to the transfer to the Moscow Military District, Shemetov was chief-of-staff and first deputy commander of the Far Eastern Military District.

Previous Chiefs of Staff:

  • [MERKURYEV, Aleksey, Lt-Gen. Was Commander of the 22nd Army (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 26 Jan 01; noted as a Lt-Gen, 18 Mar 02; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 24 Jul 02).  He was said to be "on good terms" with Col-Gen Ivan Yefremov. "Their friendship began back when Yefremov commanded the Nizhniy Novgorod [22nd] Army. military sources assume that it was this that saved Merkuryev from punishment for repeatedly turning down 'appointments beyond the Urals.'  For example, last year the general was offered the post of chief of staff of the good old Siberian Military District.  He turned it down" (, 26 Dec 02).
  • [MAKAROV, Nikolay, Col-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Sep 99; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 31 Jan 02 ), was appointed commander of the Siberian MD (ITAR-TASS, 6 Jan 03).]

Deputy Commander --- KOVROV, Vladimir (Vecherniy Novosibirsk, 30 Jul 03).

Deputy Commander --- BELOUSOV, Aleksandr Vasilyevich, Lt-Gen (noted as a Lt-Gen, Krasnaya Zvezda, 24 Aug 99; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 9 Sep 02).

Deputy Commander (Combat Training) --- KHALILOV, Vyacheslav, Lt-Gen  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 Aug 00; Krasnaya Zvezda, 20 Jun 01).
Deputy Commander (Armaments) --- IVANOV, Vyacheslav, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 13 Jul 01).
Deputy Commander (Rear Services) --- KOLESOV, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Jul 01).
Deputy Commander (Construction and Billeting of Troops) --- PUTILIN, Yuriy, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 10 Sep 02).

Military Court, Moscow District

Chairman --- BEZNASYUK, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen Just (Trud, 14 Feb 02).

Military Procuracy [Main Military Procuracy]

Military Procurator --- VERTUKHIN, Aleksandr, Lieutenant-General (Krasnaya Zvezda, 5 Sep 02).

  • ["Vertukhin was born on 4 June 1954 in Gorkiy Oblast.  He completed a legal degree at the Military Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense in 1978.   After that he served in positions from investigator to military procurator of the district in the ZabVO [Transbaykal Military District].   He was military procurator of the Strategic Missile Troops [RVSN] from 1994 to 2002.   He was appointed military procurator of the Moscow Military District by order of the General Procurator of the Russian Federation on July 12.  He is an honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, and an honored worker of the procuracy of the RF.  He is married with two sons.   Following the example of their fathers, both have become lawyers:   Aleksey is a first lieutenant of  justice, and Konstantin is a student at the Russian Academy of Jurisprudence." (Krasnaya Zvezda, 5 Sep 02).]
  • [Previous procurator --- SAVENKOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen Just  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 10 Aug 00). (Noted as  Col-Gen, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 18 Jan 02).]

Moscow MD Staff

Chief of Staff --- MAKAROV, Nikolay, Col-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Sep 99; Promoted to Col-Gen, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 20 Dec 00; noted in same position 29 Jan 02).

Deputy Chief-of-Staff --- KROTOV, Vasily, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 24 Jul 01).


·  2nd (Tamanskaya) Motorized-Rifle Division

·  3rd (Visla) Motorized-Rifle Division

·  4th Guards (Kantemirovskaya) Tank Division

·  8th Special-Purpose Aviation Division

·  9thTank Division

·  10th Tank Division

·  20th Combined-Arms Army

·  22nd Combined-Arms Army

·  27th Sevastopol Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade

·  34th Artillery Division

·  36th Artillery Division

·  39th Separate Missile Brigade

·  45th Separate High-Powered Artillery Brigade

·  50th Shuisk Separate Missile Brigade

·  57th Separate Engineers Brigade 

·  144th Motorized-Rifle Division

·  202nd Separate Air Defense Brigade (Perm. Readiness)

·  Air Defense Department

·  Chemical, Biological and Radiological Protection Troops

·  Combat Training Directorate

·  Commissariate, Military

·  Construction and Billeting of Troops

·  Court, Moscow District Military 

·  Explosive Ordnance Disposal

·  Gorokhovets Training Range

·  Missile /Artillery Troops

·  Organization/Mobilization Directorate

·  Rear Services

·  Specialized Military ConstructionDirectorate

·  Tver Peacemaker Training Center

·  Vlasikh Garrison

Air Defense Department

Commander --- Maj-Gen.Yuriy Turovets (Krasnaya Zvezda, 7 Feb 03).

Chemical, Biological and Radiological Protection Troops [Moscow MD]

Commander --- KABANOV, Vasiliy, Maj-Gen (Moscow Channel One, 16 February 03).

3rd Separate WMD Protection Brigade [CBR Troops]

Commander --- KUDRICHEV, Alexander, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Feb 02).

Combat Training Directorate [Moscow MD]

Chief --- KHALIPOV, Vyacheslav, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 19 Sep 00)
Chief of Tactics Dept. --- GRISHKO, Boris, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 20 Jun 01).

Training Center

Head --- OMELCHENKO, Gennadiy, Major-General  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Sep 02).

Commissariate, Military [Moscow MD]

Military Commissioner of the Moscow region --- FUZHENKO, Yevgeniy, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 02).

  • [Fuzhenko: born in the town of Shverino on September 25, 1959. Graduated from the Moscow high command college in 1981 and Frunze Military Academy in 1990. Served in tank and motorized-rifle units. In August 1999, appointed commander of the 4th Guards Kantemirov Tank Division (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 02).]

Deputy Military Commissioner of the Moscow region --- MOROZOV, Stanislav, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 02).

Construction and Billeting of Troops, Directorate for [Moscow MD]

Chief --- PUTILIN, Yuriy, Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 10 Sep 02).

  • [Previous Chief was KOSHELEV, Viktor Alekseyevich, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 06 Jul 96; noted as "the district's deputy commander" in Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 10 Jan 01).]

Construction Directorate

Chief --- GRACHEV, Dmitriy Nikolayevich, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 10 Sep 02).

Court, Moscow District Military [Moscow MD]

Chairman --- BEZNASYUK, Aleksandr, Lt Gen (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 22 Feb 02).

Explosive Ordnance Disposal: [Moscow MD]

  • "Twelve disposal groups have been formed and are now operational on the order of the chief of staff of the Moscow District, with the aim of mounting an immediate response to information on possible acts of terrorism and carrying out operational checks on polling stations and adjacent areas for explosive devices."  (RRN,  01 Jul 96)

Gorokovets Test (Training) Range [Moscow MD]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 31 Jul 01 ).

KFOR [Moscow MD]

  • [Command over Russia's peacemaking contingent in KFOR was being transfered to subordination to Ground Troops under the Moscow  MD (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 24 Jul 01 ).]

Missile /Artillery Troops [Moscow MD]

Chief --- FROLOV, Nikolai, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Feb 02; Krasnaya Zvezda, 8 Jul 03).

  • Previous Chiefs:
    • [--- ZARITSKIY, Vladimir, Lt-Gen  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 27 Jun 01), was transfered/promoted to Chief of Ground Troops' Missile/Artillery Troops (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 25 Jul 01).]
    • [--- BORISKOV, Vladimir, Lt-Gen  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 07 Feb 01).]

Chief of Staff  --- ?

  • [Previous Chief of Staff was FROLOV, Nikolay, Major-General  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 27 Jun 01).]

50th Shuisk Separate Missile Brigade

Commander --- SAVINKIN, Aleksandr, Colonel (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Sep 02).

Organization/Mobilization Directorate [Moscow MD]

Chief --- SMETANA, Yuriy, Maj-Gen (<>, 14 Feb 02).

Rear Services [Moscow MD]

Chief  --- KOLESOV, Aleksandr, Lt-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Jul 01).

Specialized Military Construction Directorate [Moscow MD]

  • Organized 1990. (Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 Jan 91)

Chief --- PUTILIN, Yuriy, Maj-Gen  (Krasnaya Zvezda, 06 Jul 96).

Training Center [Moscow MD]

Chief --- OMEL'CHENKO, Gennadiy,  Maj-Gen (Krasnaya Zvezda, 13 Mar 01).

Tver Peacemaker Training Center

(Interfax, 18 Jan 02).

Vlasikh Garrison [Moscow MD]

Chief --- SUBBOTIN, Aleksey, Lt-Gen  (Krasnaya Zvezda, 19 Jan 01).

2nd (Tamanskaya) Motorized Rifle Division [Moscow MD]

  • "Headquarters are at the Aprelevka village of the Moscow Rayon  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Aug 02).

Commander --- GLUSHCHENKO, Andrey, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Jun 01; noted as a Maj-Gen, 17 Sep 02).

  • [Glushchenko, graduated the General Staff Academy in 2000. Glushchenko gained good reputation in the Armed Forces being commander of the 10th tank division in the Voronezh region (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Jun 01).]

Deputy Commander --- ROMANCHUK, Aleksandr, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 3 Jul 01).
Deputy Commander --- PETROV, Yuriy, Col  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Dec 00).
Chief of Artillery --- NEDOBYCHYUK, Mikhail, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda 9 Feb 01; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 5 Mar 02).

1st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment [2nd Tamanskaya MRD]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Mar 00).
  • Garrison at Alabino  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 4 Dec 02).

15th Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment [2nd Tamanskaya MRD]

  • To be withdrawn from Chechnya.  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Jan 01)

275th Self-Propelled Artillery Regiment  [2nd Tamanskaya MRD]

Commander --- YUSHKOV, Vladimir, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 5 Mar 02).

8th Special-Purpose Aviation Division [Moscow MD]

  • [Stationed at Chkalovskiy Airfield, Moscow MD (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 27 Jun 01; Nezavisimoye voyennoye obozreniye, 22 Mar 02).]

20th Combined-Arms Army, Voronezh [Moscow MD]

Commander --- POSTNIKOV-STREL'TSOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Nezavisimoye voyennoye obozreniye, 9 Aug 02).

  • [Postnikov-Strel'tsov was Chief of Staff of the 22nd Army (Nezavisimoye voyennoye obozreniye, 9 Aug 02).]
  • [Previous Commander was --- MAKAROV, Sergey Afanasyevich, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 Mar 00; Lt-Gen, 5 May 00; 5 Mar 02).

First Deputy Commander (Chief-of-Staff) --- KIZYUN, Sergey, Maj-Gen.  Appointed (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Jun 01).

  • Kizyun was deputy commander of the 20th Army (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Jun 01).

Deputy Commander --- ?

  • [Previous Deputy Commander was STUDENIKIN, Aleksander, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 21 Jun 01).

Deputy Commander (Missile/Artillery Troops) --- [?]

  • [Previous Deputy Commander --- Kriventsov, Nikolay, Major-General  (Chief of Missile/Artillery Troops) (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 11 Oct 01), was reassigned to command the Peacemaking Troops in Kosovo.]

4th Guards (Kantemirovskaya) Tank Division, Naro-Fominsk [20th Army]

Commander --- YELKIN, Anatoliy, Maj-Gen. Appointed (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 16 Jan 02; 9 Sep 02).

  • ["Yolkin was born in Simferopol in Ukraine's Crimea region, on April 12, 1960. He graduated from the Ryazan higher airborne command college in 1981, the Frunze Military Academy in 1990 and the General Staff Academy in 2000. He served in the Russian Airborne Troops and Land Forces and was appointed commander of the 138th separate motorized rifle brigade in the Leningrad military district in August 2000. Yolkin was promoted to major general in December last year" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 19 Feb 02).
  • [Previous Commander was FUZHENKO, Yevgeniy, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 9 Aug 01).]
13th Tank Regiment [4th Tank Division]
    • [Stationed in the town of Naro-Fominsk (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 15 Aug 01).]
423rd Guards Yampolsk Motorized-Rifle Regiment [4th Tank Division]
    • [Fully manned. It participated in the Chechnya campaign from October 1999 to March 2000, particularly, in combat operations at the Sunzha and Terek ranges and in the  seizure of Grozny (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 26 Jul 01).]

9th Tank Division, Boguchar [20th Army]  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 05 May 00)

10th Tank Division [20th Army]

  • Deployed in the town of Boguchar, Voronezh regio (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 29 Jan 02 ).

Commander --- BUVALTSEV, Ivan, Maj-Gen  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 21 Jun 01; noted as a Maj-Gen, 15 Aug 02).

  • [Previous Commander was GLUSHCHENKO, Andrey, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 8 Jun 01).]

34th Artillery Division [20th Army]

Commander --- VERKHOVOD, Vladimir, Maj-Gen  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 07 Dec 00; 27 Jun 01; Krasnaya Zvezda, 5 Feb 02).

  • [34th described as a motorized rifle division under VERKHOVOD (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 5 Mar 02.)]

Military Unit 89425

·  Based near Voronezh (RenTV, 17 May 01).

22nd Combined-Arms Army [Moscow MD]

Commander --- MERKURYEV, Aleksey, Lt-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 26 Jan 01; noted as a Lt-Gen, 18 Mar 02; 2 Sep 03).

First Deputy Commander (Chief of Staff) --- MAKAROV, Sergey, Lt-Gen (Nezavisimoye voyennoye obozreniye, 9 Aug 02).

  • [Previous Chief of Staff was POSTNIKOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 Aug 00; 18 Mar 02).]

3rd (Visla) Motorized-Rifle Division [22nd Army]

·  ["Headquartered in the Mulino village of the Moscow region (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 6 Feb 02).

·   Station in Nizhniy Novgorod Area (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 2 Jul 01).

·  One of the recently reorganized "permanent readiness divisions" formed during the 1997-1998 military reforms. Formed in 1997, based on the 47th Guards and 31st Tank divisions withdrawn from Germany. "This division is an experimental large unit with a new TO&E: it consists of three motorized rifle and two tank regiments. …Of the 7,000 personnel, 470 mean and 360 women are contract service members. …Twenty percent of the officers in the large unit are regular military officers, and the rest are two-year officers called into the Army after graduating from civilian higher educational instititutions. …The motorized rifle subunits have a their disposal the BMP-2, more than once tested in combat; the tank regiments are equipped with gas-turbine T-80B tanks; and the artillery peronnel have "Msta-S" and "Akatsiya" self-propelled mounts. The division’s air defense subunits have the newest armament – some have at their disposal "Tor-M1" and "Tunguska" antiaircraft systems." (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 17 Apr 98).

Commander --- KONNOV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Jan 02; noted as a Maj-Gen, Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 2 Sep 03).

  • [Konnov: born in the Gryazny Klyuch village in the Klin district of the Ulyanovsk region on December 29, 1957. He graduated from the Ulyanovsk Guards Higher Tank Command School in 1980 and the Armored Troops Academy in 1990. He served in motorized rifle and tank units of the Far Eastern, Belarussian and Moscow military districts, the Russian troops group in Eastern Germany and the Western Troops Grouping. Konnov also took part in the Chechnya campaign and was appointed deputy commander of the 3rd division in December 2000. Married and has a daughter and a son. Participated in combat operations in the North Caucasus. (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Jan 02 ),  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 6 Feb 02).]
  • [Previous commanders:

--- NAZAROV, Valeriy, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 8 May 01).

--- STOLYAROV, Aleksandr, Maj-Gen (Nezavisimoye Voyennoye Obozreniye, 17 Apr 98).]

Chief of Staff --- YUDIN, Sergey, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 13 Dec 00).

99th Self-propelled Artillery Regiment [3rd MRD]
  • To be withdrawn from Chechnya.  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Jan 01).
100th Tank Regiment [3rd MRD]

Commander --- SHEVCHUK, Alexander, Colonel (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 26 Jan 01).

245th Motorized Rifle Regiment [3rd MRD]
    • To be withdrawn from Chechnya. (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey,  (22 Jan 01).
273rd Tank Regiment [3rd MRD]
    • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 19 Jul 01).

Commander --- YASHIN, Dmitriy, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 22 Sep 03).

752nd Motorized-Rifle Regiment [3rd MRD]
    • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 19 Jul 01).

36th Artillery Division [22nd Army]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 27 Dec 02).

27th Sevastopol Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade [Moscow MD]

·  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 23 Sep 02)

39th Separate Missile Brigade [Moscow MD]

Commander --- BEZRUCHENKO, Mikhail, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 Feb 01).

45th Separate High-Powered Artillery Brigade [Moscow MD]

  • (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 12 Feb 02).

57th Separate Engineers Brigade

  • [Permanently based in Nakhabino, Moscow Oblast (Kommersant, 11 Mar 03).]

144th Motorized Rifle Division, Vyazma [Moscow MD]

  • Cadre division, stationed near Vyazma, Smolensk Oblast.  (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey,  2 Oct 00).

 202nd Separate Air Defense Brigade (Permanent Readiness) [Moscow MD]

  • ["The 202nd separate permanent readiness SAM brigade of the Moscow military district started a tactical exercise with live firing at the Ashuluk testing ground in the Astrakhan region on Tuesday, the district's deputy commander Lieutenant General Alexandr Belousov said. 'The four-day exercise of the brigade at the Ashuluk testing ground was planned beforehand. It is supervised by chief of the district's air defense department Colonel Mikhail Krush,' Belousov told Interfax-Military News Agency. He said that 'live firing of two battalions organic of the brigade will take place in the framework of the tactical exercise on September 26 and 27.  Real launches of missiles will be made by S-300PMU and Tor SAM systems.  Those air defense assets will fire at grouped aerial targets against an intensive tactical background with the use of the A-50 (Russian variant of AWACS) radar surveillance plane,' Belousov added. The 202nd brigade under command of Colonel Aleksey Valov is headquartered in the town of Naro-Fominsk in the Moscow region." (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 24 Sep 02).]

Commander --- VALOV, Aleksey, Col (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 24 Sep 02).