News Proliferation

Fighting Proliferation

New Concerns for the Nineties
Edited by
Henry Sokolski
The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center
Washington, D. C.
Air University Press
Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama
January 1996



Part 1 Rethinking the Nuclear Non- proliferation Treaty Model

1 What Does the History of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Tell Us about Its Future?
   Henry Sokolski
2 The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty: Strengths and Gaps
   Leonard Weiss
3 A Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty for Missiles?
   Richard H. Speier

Part 2 Emerging Technologies: New Near-Term Dangers

4 How to Defeat the United States: The Operational Military Effects on the Proliferation of Weapons of Precise Destruction
   David Blair
5 Proliferation of Satellite Imaging Capabilities: Developments and Implications
   Steve Berner
6 Proliferation of Land-Attack Cruise Missiles: Prospects and Policy Implications
   Dennis M. Gormley    and K. Scott    McMahon
7 US Commercial Satellite Export Control Policy: A Debate
   Brian Dailey and    Edward McGaffigan

Part 3 Our Strategy against North Korea

8 Resolution of the North Korean Nuclear Issue
   Walter B.    Slocombe
9 The Nuclear Deal: What the South Koreans Should Be Concerned About
   Victor Gilinsky
10 The North Korean Deal and East Asian Security
   Paul Wolfowitz

Part 4 US Policy toward Iran: The Hazards Ahead

11 Assessing the Iranian Threat
   Geoffery Kemp
12 Opportunities for Change in Iran
   Kenneth R.    Timmerman
13 The Stalemate in US-Iran Relations
   Gary Sick

Part 5 Fighting Proliferation: Devising a Strategic Response

14 DOD's Counterproliferation Initiative: A Critical Assessment
   Chris Williams
15 Competitive Strategies: An Approach against Proliferation
   David J. Andre
16 Fighting Proliferation with Intelligence
   Henry Sokolski

APPENDIX A Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons
APPENDIX B Agreed Framework between the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea - October 21, 1994
APPENDIX C Joint US-DPRK Press Statement KUALA LUMPUR, JUNE 16, 1995
APPENDIX DMTCR - Statement by the Assistant to the President for Press Relations - April 16, 1987
APPENDIX F MTCR - Equipment and Technology Annex

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