11 September 2003

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(Acting) COMMANDER --- SIMONENKO, Sergey, V-Adm (Interfax, 11 Sep 03).

? --- SUCHKOV, Gennady, Vice-Admiral, appointed (Moscow TV6, 5 Dec 01).

"MOSCOW. Sept 11 (Interfax-AVN) - Russian President Vladimir Putin has temporarily dismissed Northern Fleet Commander Admiral Gennadiy Suchkov on Defense Minister Sergey Ivanov's recommendation, the Kremlin press service told Interfax on Thursday. Previous media reports said that Suchkov had been suspended" (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 11 Sep 03). Suchkov's removal was "in connection with the deaths of the crew of the K-159 submarine in the Barents Sea on 30 August, Russian navy Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Kuroyedov has said" (Interfax, 11 Sep 03).

[Previous Commander POPOV, Vyacheslav Alekseyevich, Adm (ORT1, 10 Aug 00; Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 27 Mar 00), was relieved following the Kursk investigation.(<> 03 Dec 01).]

Main Staff

1st Nuclear Submarine Flotilla

3rd Nuclear Submarine Flotilla

5th Naval Aviation Division

7th Nuclear Submarine Division

Belomorsk naval base

Combat Training Directorate

Kola Flotilla

Ostrovnoy Submarine Base

Rear Services

SSBN "Borisoglebsk"

Severomorsk Naval Base

SSBN "Kareliya"

SSBN "Verkhoturye"

Vidyaevo Submarine Garrison

  • [Following the report of the Procurator General investigating the sinking of the KURSK, the following were simultaneously relieved of duty and/or reprimanded:
    • Northern Fleet
      • Vice-Admiral Oleg Burtsev, commander of the Northern Fleet's submarine flotilla;
      • Rear-Admiral Valeriy Filatov, the flotilla's chief of staff;
      • Rear-Admiral Mikhail Kuznetsov, commander of a division;
      • Captain First Rank Viktor Kobelev, deputy commander of a division;
      • Vice-Admiral Yuriy Boyarkin,
      • Rear-Admiral Vladimir Khandobin,
      • Captain First Rank Aleksandr Teslenko,
        • [Chiefs of Northern Fleet directorates --- Rear Admiral Farit Zinnatullin, deputy commander of a flotilla;
        • Captain First Rank Ruben Karakhanov, commander of a Northern Fleet unit <> 03 Dec 01)].
    • Navy
      • Vice Admiral Nikolay Mikheyev,
      • Rear Admiral Gennadiy Verich,
      • Rear Admiral Valeriy Panferov <> 03 Dec 01)].

Deputy Commander: DOBROSKOCHENKO, Vladimir, V-Adm (Interfax, 05 Nov 00; Versiya, 16 Jun 03).
Deputy Commander (Armaments and Weapons Maintenance): SMOLYAKOV, Anatoliy, V-Adm (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, Jan 00;

V-Adm, AVN, 8 Jun 00).

Military Procurator --- MULOV, Vladimir, Maj-Gen (-online (--), 4 Oct 02).

Main Staff

Chief of Staff --- SIMONENKO, Sergey, V-Adm (Channel One TV, 9 Sep 03).

Deputy Chief of Staff --- TREGUBOV, Oleg, R-Adm (Krasnaya Zvezda, 30 May 02).

  • [The previous Chief of Staff --- MOTSAK, Mikhail, V-Adm (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 26 Oct 00), (Rossiyskaya Gazeta 02 Jun 01). was relieved following the Kursk investigation.(<> 03 Dec 01).]

Commander of an UI SSBN Formation --- POLOZHIY, Ivan Viktorovich, R-Adm (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Sep 01).

1st Nuclear Submarine Flotilla

Commander: ?

3rd Nuclear Submarine Flotilla

  • [Based at Yagelnaya bay of the Kola peninsula, (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 24 Apr 02).

Commander: SIMONENKO, Sergey, V-Adm (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 28Jan00)

5th Kirkenes Red Banner Missile-Armed Naval Aviation Division

  • (Morskoy Sbornik, Nov 02).

7th Nuclear Submarine Division

Deputy Commander: POVEDENOK, Leonid, Capt 1st Rank (RG, 12Sep00)

61st Separate Kirkenes Red Banner Naval Infantry Brigade

  • (Structurally, the formation consists of 8 separate units and 13 separate subunits.) (Krasnaya Zvezda, 8 May 03)

Commander --- KLIMOV, Nikolay Ivanovich, Col (Krasnaya Zvezda, 8 May 03).


Commander --- POPOV, Viktor, Maj-Gen (Interfaks 6 Aug 02).

V.Ch. 95404

  • [According to Izvestiya's information this is a Northern Fleet base where superannuated nuclear submarines are stationed (Izvestiya 28 Dec 01).]

Belomorsk naval base

Northern Fleet Training Center (ITAR-TASS, 15 May 01).

Cadres Directorate

Chief -- Kuznetsov, V., Rear-Admiral (Morskoy Sbornik, Nov 02).

Combat Training Directorate

Chief --- AGAFONOV, Valeriy, R-Adm (Krasnaya Zvezda, 17 Jan 03).

Ostrovnoy (Closed Administrative Territorial Entity) Submarine Base

  • Former active submarine base at the settlement of Gremikha on the Kola Peninsula. Now used for storage of 19 written off submarines (NTV 9 Jul 01).

Kola Flotilla

UI Mixed Forces Division [Kola Flotilla]

Commander --- KRYSOV, Yuriy, R-Adm (Krasnaya Zvezda 5 Apr 01).

Medical Service

Chief --- Val'skiy, V., Colonel of Medical Service (Morskoy Sbornik, Nov 02).

Procuracy, Military

Chief --- Mezenov, S., Colonel of Justice (Morskoy Sbornik, Nov 02).

Rear Services [Northern Fleet]

Chief of Staff --- BAGLAYEV, Anatoliy, R-Adm (Krasnaya Zzvezda, 19 Sep 01).

Severomorsk Naval Base (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 05Apr00)

SSBN "Kareliya"

  • Project 667-BDRM, built at Northern Machinebuilding Enterprise, Severodvinsk, Sep 1986. Summer 1996: left for extended under-ice cruise and surfaced at the North Pole on 14 June. (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 06Apr00)
  • [Previous Commander was BANNYKH, Mikhail, Capt 1st Rank (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 06Apr00).]

SSBN "Borisoglebsk"

Commander: YELEZOV, Nikolay, Capt 1st Rank (Agentsvo voyennykh novostey, 06 Apr 00)

SSBN "Verkhoturye"

[Project 667-BDRM, commissioned in December 1984. Carried out seven combat patrol missions. Completed six-year repairs at the Zvezdochka State Machine-Building Enterprise in 2000. (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 5 Jun 01).]

Commander --- Bannykh, Mikhail, Colonel (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 5 Jun 01).

[Earlier headed the submarine Karelia (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey 5 Jun 01).]

Vidyaevo Submarine Garrison

(ITAR-TASS 24 Jun 01).