Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Table of Contents
April-June 1997
  1. Vantage Point
  2. CSM Forum
  3. Concepts and Doctrine
  4. Proponent Notes
  5. Reserve Component
  6. CTC Notes
  1. The S2's Ten Tenets For Success
    by Captain Shawn C. Weed
  2. Becoming an Effective Battalion S2
    by Captain Jeffery E. Jennings
  3. Do We Expect Too Much of the S2?
    by Major Ira R. Richardson, Jr.
  4. ADA S2 SurvivesWarfighter: The Untold Story
    by Captain Howard V. MacCready
  5. The Redleg S2: The Fire Support-Intelligence Link
    by Captain Jameson R. Johnson
  6. Back to the Basics:The Battalion S2
    by Captain Norman H. Fuss, III
  7. So Your Taking Command...
    by Captain Phillipe J. Crettol
  8. The Successful Lieutenant
    by Captain Christopher J. Courtney
  9. What a Combat Commander Expects of His S2
    by Colonel Henry L. Kinnison
  10. Predictive Intelligence: Do we Really Need IT?
    by Major Forrest Lamar Davis
  11. Keys to a Successful NTC Rotation
    by Captain Frederic P. Filbert
  12. Training the Intelligence Task Force
    by Captain John T. Chenery
  13. Making Tactical EW More Lethal
    by First Lieutenant Daniel N. Zeytoonian
  14. How to Net an AN/TRQ-32A(V)2 With an AN/PRD-12
    by Captain Susan M. Miranda
  15. Tactical UAVs: A Supported Unit's Primer
    by Captain Raymond D. Pickering