BCTP Policy on UAVs During BCTP Rotations

This article presents the policy of the Battle Command Training Program (BCTP) on the types, use, and allocation of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) during the Warfighter-exercise (WFX) portion of BCTP rotations. This policy applies to all of the units participating in BCTP division and corps rotations, both standard and non-standard. Only the tactical Hunter and Predator Medium-Altitude Endurance UAVs are authorized to participate in BCTP WFXs. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the commander of BCTP.
The Predator UAV must be requested through routine close-air support channels. Specific allocation will be based on mission, equipment, terrain, troops, and time available (METT-T) from the training unit's higher headquarters. The Hunter UAV will support both division and corps. Each organization will be authorized to fly one 8-hour mission per 24-hour period. The maximum time authorized for UAV support will be 16 hours of coverage per day. This support will be executed in accordance with the tactical UAV operational requirements document. Corps competitive play in a division WFX does not change the maximum authorized coverage policy.
The BCTP UAV policy also includes the following stipulations:
  • The training units must support the cost of using UAVs in their respective WFXs.
  • The use of UAVs during a unit WFX must be coordinated as part of the Start of Exercise Memorandum of Agreement (STARTEX MOA) between and BCTP the training unit's higher headquarters. All personnel who plan, control, and operate the UAV system must adhere to the requirements and milestones established in the STARTEX MOA.
  • UAVs will be included in the simulation control plan developed by BCTP.
  • UAV workstations are required to work for the BCTP Exercise Control Cell during the WFX.
For more information about the BCTP UAV policy, readers may contact Lieutenant Colonel Chris Abbott at BCTP. You can reach him at (913) 684-5909/ 5917, DSN 552-5909/5917, and via E-mail at abbottc@leav-emh1.army.mil.