Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin

Table of Contents
July-September 96
  1. Vantage Point
  2. CSM Forum
  3. Concepts and Doctrine
  4. Proponent Notes
  5. Reserve Component
  1. Joint STARS: The Warfighter's Window to the Battlefield
    by Lieutenant Colonel Kevin C. Peterson and Major Phillip Basinger
  2. ASAS: New Ways to Leverage Human Analytical Power
    by Colonel Theodore G. Chopin
  3. ASAS in Operation Joint Warfighter Interoperability Demonstration
    by Master Sergeant Michael F. Fallon
  4. Eyes in the Sky: Aerial Systems
    by Colonel Ronald W. Wilson
  5. MI Ground-Based Systems: TROJAN SPIRIT II and IEWCS
    by Lieutenant Colonel Gary W. Parker and Sergeant First Class Dan O. Stephens, II
  6. Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities Program
    by Chief Warrant Officer Two Charles S. Montgomery Sergeant First Class John G. VanKirk and Staff Sergeant John P. Moody
  7. Weather Support to the Warfighter
    by Richard J. Szymber
  8. Alternative Change in the GS MI Company
    by Captain Jules P. Cabeen and First Lieutenant Brian R. Dunmire
  9. Mentorship: A Personal and Force Multiplier
    by Lietenant Colonel Barbara G. Fast
  10. Mentoring and Counseling: A Tag-Team Approach to Professional Development
    by Lieutenant Colonel Victor M. Rosello
  11. School Without Walls: IEW Maintainance Training in the Information Age
    by Sergeant First Class Edward F. Turner
  12. Career Management in MI Today
    by Captain John T. Chenery
  13. Force Projection Intelligence: A Year in Review
    by Lieutenant Colonel Kenneth H. Boll, Jr., and Jeffrey S. Holachek