Intelligence Support for the Enhanced Brigade

Three years ago, we began the design process for the MI Company of the Enhanced Brigades. There were several guiding tenets for this process: capabilities, end strength, affordability, sustainability, and doctrinal soundness. One of the decisions made was to use proven organizations and doctrine. FM 71-3, The Armored and Mechanized Infantry Brigade, states that
Separate brigades normally conduct operations under corps command, and are organized to provide their own support. The enhanced brigades of the Army National Guard are separate brigades. Their only enhancement is in an authorized over structure in personnel.
The doctrinal reference for the Enhanced Brigade MI company is FM 34-35, The MI Company, ACR and Separate Brigade. This field manual provides a good starting point for MI company operations and organizations. The organization of the Enhanced Brigade MI Company Analysis and Control Element (ACE) is under development.
With the fielding of the All- Source Analysis System (ASAS) to the Enhanced Brigades, the current FM 34-35 becomes less relevant. In light of this, a revision of FM 34-35 has been scheduled for completion by the third quarter of fiscal year 1997 (FY 97). The revised FM will address the question of how to fight the ACE of the Enhanced Brigade. However, this FM alone does not provide a total solution for collective training of the Enhanced Brigade's MI battlefield operating system. To provide a total solution, the U. S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca (USAIC&FH) is developing a training support package (TSP) which will provide a complete set of materials that allow a unit to conduct collective training of their entire organization. The TSP replaces the Mission Training Plan and Army Readiness Training Evaluation Program and other such materials currently in use. The TSP for the Separate Brigade and ACR MI company will be available by late FY 97. The Reserve Forces Office, USAIC&FH, is planning a series of Reserve Component Collective Training Workshops to bring together
The mission of these RC Collective Training Workshops will be develop a concept and execution plan for collective MI training in the Reserve Components that supports both Intelligence XXI and Force XXI. Based on the results of the initial workshop, additional sessions will follow over the next two years.

National Guard G2/S2 Training Workshop

The annual G-2/S-2 Trainers Workshop has been tentatively scheduled for 17 through 21 October 1996 at the Sierra Suites in Sierra Vista, Arizona. The format will be similar to that of previous years. The focus for this year will be on ASAS for the National Guard. We strongly encourage attendance by Title 11 MI personnel, Readiness Group MI trainers, and United States Army Reserve, Army Reserve Intelligence Support Centers, Reserve Forces
Intelligence Schools, and other trainers. Doctrinal Questions. RC organizations with MI-related questions should not hesitate to contact the Reserve Forces Office, USAIC&FH. Though we cannot provide publications, we can provide extracts and other material on a case by case basis. Units can locate and download doctrinal material and lesson plans from the 326th MI Battalion page and others under the USAIC&FH Home Page on the Internet (http:\\ The doctrine page of the Fort Leavenworth Command and General Staff College Internet home page posts current brigade and division doctrine.
Colonel John Craig is the USAR point of contact (POC) and Major Steve Ponder is the ARNG POC. Readers can reach them at (520) 533-1176/77, DSN 821-1176/77 and FAX 821-1762. Colonel Craig's E-mail address is craig% Major Ponder's E-mail address is ponders@