23 December 2003

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Main Directorate for Special Programs (GUSP)

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Chief --- TSARENKO, Aleksandr Vladimirovich, Col-Gen, (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 15 Jun 00 ; Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 18 Jan 02).
Telephone:   206-58-47  (RIA Novosti, 27 Jun 02).

RF Presidential Edict and Statute No. 1025s of 31 August 1998

GUSP Order No. 35 of 11 July 2001 "On State Medical-Epidemiological Oversight"

First Deputy Chief --- KLISHIN, M. V. (, 30 Sep 1999).

First Deputy Chief --- PETRUSHKIN, V. F. (, 8 Sep 1999).

Deputy Chief of GUSP (Chief of a Directorate) --- BUGAYEV, A. M. (, 30 Sep 1999).

  • [As Chief, Zorin was also appointed Chairman of the INTERDEPARTMENTAL COMMISSION OF THE SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION ON MOBILIZATION PREPARATION AND MOBILIZATION (, 30 Sep 1999).  Presumeably this duty was passed to Tsarenko.]
  • [Since 1991 Tsarenko had been chief of the Moscow and Moscow Oblast Federal Security Service Directorate [UFSB] and deputy director of the Russian Federal Security Service (Segodnya 04 Jul 00).]
  • [Viktor Zorin, former First Deputy Director of the Federal Security Service was reported to have been appointed Head of GUSP in 1998 (Russkiy Telegraf, 28 May 98).]
  • [GUSP is one of a number of "structures formed at the beginning of the 1990s on the basis of a number of directorates of the USSR KGB" (Komsomolskaya Pravda, 20 Dec 00).]
  • ["an active discussion is under way at present about a global reorganization of the Russian Federation President's Main Directorate for Special Programs (GUSP), which quite recently came under the leadership of Aleksandr Tsarenko, formerly chief of the Federal Security Service Directorate for Moscow and Moscow Oblast.  At present this organization consists only of the Strategic Facilities Services (underground presidential bunkers, rest homes, and dachas" (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 03 Jul 00).
  • ["The GUSP is financed under a separate heading in the budget . . . the former KGB 15th Main Directorate, which maintains underground bunkers for top people in the state in the event of war, is part of the president's Main Special Programs Directorate. The directorate's specialists have a great deal of experience of building fortified structures and tunnels and know how to handle explosives. Moreover, the GUSP is the president's very own special service and is accountable only to the head of state. " (Moskovskiy Komsomolets, 16 Sep 99).]
  • [Placed under the supervision of Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Maslyukov (ITAR-TASS World Service, 6 Oct 98).]
  • ["The activity of this "office," which deals, among other things, with operational studies, focuses mainly on strategically important problems connected with the political and economic interests of presidential power. Most recently the GUSP has dealt with problems of mutual offsetting of debts, currency corridors, the escape of capital to the West, and other issues determining the health of the Russian economy. GUSP staffers have also brought new figures and movements into the political arena. They developed special programs for untangling regional knots and for stopping centrifugal trends. Ethnic and religious conflicts, opposition political movements, and so on are within their purview. Unofficial sources claim that the "Frolov's people" (Frolov was Zorin's predecessor), though they have world special services' most sophisticated tools at their disposal and "carte blanche" to use a wide range of special measures, have generally opted to change the situation in their own favor by means of "intellectual superiority" (judging by the results, they have not often succeeded in this). All this falls into the category of unofficial information. One thing is known for sure: In terms of its organization, technical equipment, legal status, and personnel, this structure is an elite operations and analysis special service" (Russkiy Telegraf, 28 May 98).
  • Convert to a "federal executive institution" (Rossiyskaya Gazeta, 7 May 98).
  • Russian Federation Presidential Decree No. 61 dated 24 January 1998 and signed by Russian Federation President B. Yeltsin: "On the List of Information Categorized As a State Secret" lists subject matter over which GUSP has classification authority.



Chief --- RE, N. P.  (, 30 Sep 1999).