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Commander --- STARTSEV, Yuriy, Rear-Admiral

Appointed 26 December 2002 (ITAR-TASS, 16 Jan 03).

[ Startsev: born August 11, 1950, in Simferopol, the Crimea, Ukraine. 1972 graduated from the Black Sea Higher Naval School in Sevastopol and in 1980 from the Higher Naval Academy in Leningrad.   Posts ranged from commander of Combat Section 2 of a medium landing craft, commander of a medium landing craft, chief of a training vessels brigade, chief-of-staff of a warship brigade protecting a water area, and commander a landing ship brigade in the Caspian flotilla, and chief-of-staff and deputy commander of the Caspian Flotilla in 1991. Has received orders For Military Merit, For Service to Motherland in the Soviet Armed Forces, For Combat Merit.  Married and has a son. Startsev takes the commander's post over from Vice-Admiral Vladimir Massorin, whom the Russian Defense Ministry has moved to command the Black Sea Fleet (ITAR-TASS, 16 Jan 03; Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 16 Jan 03).]

[Previous Commander was MASORIN, Vladimir Vasilyevich, V-Adm (Krasnaya Zvezda, 18 Nov 00; ITAR-TASS, Trud 10 Oct 02).]

73rd Warship Brigade [Caspian Flotilla]

Commander --- Menyailo, Sergey, ? (Agentstvo voyennykh novostey, 24 Apr 02).

77th Separate Guards Marine Brigade [Caspian Flotilla]

  • "The 77th detached marine brigade of the Caspian Flotilla will be the first marine unit of the Russian Navy to switch over to professional military service." Permanent readiness unit headquartered in the town of Kaspiysk in Dagestan (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 May 03).

Commander --- PUSHKIN, Sergey, Major-General (Agentstvo Voyennykh Novostey, 15 May 03).

450th Military Construction Directorate [Caspian Flotilla]

  • (Krasnaya Zvezda, 6 June 01).

Educational Work Department [Caspian Flotilla]

Chief --- VINOGRADOV, Viktor, Capt 1st Rank  (Krasnaya Zvezda, 21 Sep 00).