Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defense Science and Technology Intelligence

(Guofang Keji Qingbaoyuan ji Huoqu Jishu)


Huo Zhongwen and Wang Zongxiao

Kexue Jishu Wenxuan Publishing Co.



Table of Contents

Editor's comment

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 A Summary of Collection work

Chapter 2 A Brief History of the Development of Collection Work

Chapter 3 Overview of Information

Chapter 4 National Defense S&T Intelligence Sources Discussed

Chapter 5 Consumer Intelligence Needs Studies

Chapter 6 Information Transmission Channels

Chapter 7 Methods and Techniques of Obtaining Information

Chapter 8 A First Approach to the Study of Intelligence, Information And Collection


Editor's comment

On use of the terms "intelligence" and "information"

The Sinitic term "qingbao" that appears in the title and throughout the book refers to a concept that includes both English meanings "intelligence" and "information." The distinction is a Western one not shared by East Asian languages or presumably by their speakers. There are passages in the book where "intelligence" is the better translation, as in "intelligence agency;" elsewhere "information" is preferred, such as "information retrieval." The criterion for choosing one English word or the other is appropriateness in context. Similarly, "ziliao" ("data, information, material") is rendered as "information" when used in apposition to "qingbao." These translations are supported by English-language references made in the book, although context remains the determining factor.