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Joint Analysis Center (JAC)

Men and women in the U.S. European Command's Joint Analysis Center (JAC) process, analyze and consolidate data to produce fused intelligence information focusing on an area of responsibility consisting of more than 77 countries across Europe, Africa and the Middle East. They support mission planning and operations by U.S., Allied and NATO commanders during peace, crisis and war. Military commanders and decision-makers at all levels rely on data produced at the JAC. Major recent operations include monitoring events in the former Yugoslavia, Rwanda, and Northern Iraq. Personnel from all four U.S. military services are assigned to the Joint Analysis Center and contribute to the intelligence mission.

The JAC was formerly the U.S. European Defense Analysis Center (EUDAC), which was co-located with USEUCOM at Patch Barracks (Stuttgart) Germany, in August 1975. The USEUCOM JAC began operations at RAF Molesworth in October 1991. The JAC activated at RAF Molesworth in 1992, moving from its base in Stuttgart, Germany, and has been steadily increasing its capability since then. The National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (DRMO), and other tenant organizations are also located at RAF Molesworth.

The National Military Strategy describes the Joint Intelligence Center, which in the case of USEUCOM is the JAC, as "the principal element for ensuring effective intelligence support for combatant commanders in chiefs and theater forces." Secretary of Defense memorandum, 15 March 1991, "Strengthening Defense Intelligence," inter alia, established the JIC as the primary intelligence organization providing support to joint warfighting at all levels. The JIC concept fuses the main support capabilities of all Service, Combat Support Agency, and combat units into a one stop shopping center for intelligence support. The JIC is, by design, scalable and can expand to meet the needs of the Joint Force Commander. During noncrisis periods, JIC manning is normally retained at the minimum level required to perform essential functions such as I&W, current intelligence, collection management, delegated general military intelligence production, and support to the commander. As crises develop, JICs at each echelon bring together personnel and equipment needed to manage intelligence support requirements.

Recently, a new UHF satellite communications (SATCOM) system became operational at the (JAC's Operations Center (JOC). The SATCOM system is capable of simultaneously transmitting and receiving information on multiple channels using as many as three satellites.

The Imagery Exploitation Support System (IESS) Program Office of the Intelligence and Reconnaissance Directorate at Rome Laboratory has upgraded five operational intelligence centers by installing an improved HDLC Protocol Module n response to connection instability. This significantly improves the stability of the Defense Dissemination System to IESS link. This system is an integral part of the reconnaissance-collection, exploitation and dissemination cycle. Sites that were upgraded are USSTRATCOM, USCENTCOM, Atlantic Intelligence Center, Joint Analysis Center, and the Joint Intelligence Center Pacific.

Global Command and Control Systems(GCCS) assimilates input reports of sensor contacts on hostile and neutral units from remote, dedicated and organic sensors and receives reports of own position from friendly and some neutral units. Theater fusion nodes (such as the JAC) do not report data directly into a JTF/CJTF Common Operational Picture [COP] network. Data will be sent to the component with reporting responsibility for an particular area or type of track. The component staff is responsible for fusing that data with any organic data that is available on the contact and then broadcasting it to the network.

The main intelligence system in the European theater is the Joint Deployable Intelligence Support system - Europe (JDISS-E), which differs in function from the regular JDISS deployed in other theaters.



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