'Text' of Al-Zarqawi Message Threatening More Attacks

On 6 April, "Ibn Abu-Waqqas" posted on the "Political Fortress" forum at the approximately 4,000-word "text" of "a new audio message from commander Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi" to "the nation of Islam." The following is the text of the message:

From Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi to the nation of Islam

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

This is the text of the message:

To my dear nation, the best nation brought to mankind, may the peace and blessings of God be upon you.

Praised be God who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to reveal it to the whole of mankind.

May the peace and blessings of God be upon the cheerful, yet firm prophet, who was sent with the sword before the Day of Judgment so that only God would be worshipped.

We send not just one but many congratulations with the good tidings that our heroic mujahidin have inflicted heavy losses on your enemy and their enemy.

God be praised, we are invading them, as they are invading us, attacking them as they are attacking us, and inflicting losses on them as they are inflicting losses on us. Yet, we are not the same. Our dead go to paradise and theirs go to hell. "If ye are suffering hardships, they are suffering similar hardships: but you hope from Allah, what they have not." (Koranic verse)

We are doing this with less support and limited resources. But, God is our support, and they have no support.

God honored us and so we harvested their heads and torn up their bodies in many places:

The United Nations in Baghdad; the coalition forces in Karbala; the Italians in Al-Nasiriyah; the US forces on Al-Khalidiyah Bridge; the US intelligence in Al-Shahin Hotel and the Republican Palace in Baghdad; the CIA in Al-Rashid Hotel; and the Polish forces in Al-Hillah.

This blessed operation (Al-Hillah operation) was shrouded with unprecedented media secrecy in Iraq. The wicked media showed that innocent people were the only victim of this operation. They did not mention that four helicopters landed at the site to transport the impure corpses of the crusade coalition forces and that more than 200 soldiers were killed.

And last but not least the Israeli Mosad in Jabal Lubnan Hotel. There is more and more; in fact, there is a long list of them. The chapters have passed, but what is coming is would be even more calamitous for them, with God's help.

We challenge the dishonest US media to reveal the real damage and big losses sustained by their forces. Hollywood's Rambo has no place among the lions and heroes of Islam. There will be more rounds of fighting, God willing.

If John Abizaid escaped our swords this time, we will be lying in wait for him, for Bremer, for their generals and soldiers, and their collaborators.

We tell them, as Shaykh-al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said in his message to the King of Cyprus: Muslims have commandos that can kill kings in their beds and on their horses. People have heard of such things.

My beloved nation, is it not time you chose the right path and sought guidance and the hidden truth?

The dust of lies and smoke of charlatanry released by the enemies of God are only intended to dope and weaken you so that you will not rise as heroes and men do. They are aware that if the Islamic giant wakes up it will not be satisfied with less than the gates of Rome, Washington, Paris, and London. They tried before to hide the truth of the battle and to distort the image of the pure jihad flag. They deluded the world into believing that it is the remnants of the defunct regime and the elements of the infidel Ba'th that are waging the resistance operations so that the nation would not back the battle and hail the epic. But, these are only lies and fabrications.

The heroism, sacrifice, and resolution that you heard in dealing the enemies was, praised be God, the work of your sons, the knights of the nation, both expatriates and supporters (muhajirin wa ansar), who were unified by the Koran and the words of unification (God is Great, Arabic: "la ilah ill allah) despite their different tongues and colors.

We bring you the good tidings that we inflicted heavy losses on them, spilled their blood, and deprived them of good sleep, until they wept like widows and orphans.

O nation of Islam, let us dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" and tell you about the nature of the battle, the real cunning, and the secrets of the struggle. America came with its fleets and mad dogs and settled in our homeland with all its men and weaponry. It has ambitions on:

First: the resources and treasures of this rich land that have whetted the appetite of the bloodsuckers, the big capitalists, whose lust for wealth has driven them to commit every dirty and mean act, without any regard for big or small, man or woman. To them, the aim justifies the means. They are applying the jungle law by incriminating and killing indiscriminately.

Second: America came having been scared by the rising Islamic trend and the song of jihad, whose loud voice has reverberated everywhere in the world. America came to change the nation's principles, twist its words, and change its curricula. It came to do away with the fountains of goodness that are bursting in the conscience of the Islamic nation and block the way to a new awakening and true return to Islam. America came to spread obscenity and vice and establish its decadence and ribald culture in the name of freedom and democracy. It hopes to remold the region and change its political, religious, and cultural map according to its personal interests.

Third: The hordes of the neo-Tartars came carrying hidden rancor, historic hostility and the religious fanaticism nurtured by Talmudic prophesies against Muslims in general, and Iraq and its people in particular.

Iraq in the Talmudic prophesies, which the neo-conservative rulers in Washington and London uphold, is the land of evil, whore city, and first enemy of the Israelites. The prophesies call for killing Iraqis, raping their women, smashing the heads of their children, and pouring death on their heads, as they have actually done.

Fourth: America came to guarantee security for its Israeli protégé and eliminate any threat against it. Whoever experiences this situation will know that the Israeli octopus has penetrated the country politically and economically through its intelligence men. Were it not for jihad, the Iraqi people would have awakened finding themselves slaves for the politicians, the managers of Jewish companies, and an army of Jewish experts and advisers.

Ask the American agent Jalal Talabani about the death squad, affiliated with the Mosad, which resides on Al-Adnaniyah Street in the center of Kirkuk and which is trying to swiftly liquidate the symbols and cadres of Al-Sunnah. The squad has a strong presence in Baghdad now and -- with God's help -- the mujahidin are determined to wipe it out despite the security measures taken by the agents from the Kurdish and Al-Rafidah (reference to Shiites as labeled by Salafi groups) intelligence."

Fifth: America came in the hope of dismembering the big Arab states reducing them to weak, petty states. It came to bug them with small sectarian states that are loyal to America and harbor black hatred for the people of Islam. These small states will be an obstacle to Islamic unity. Indeed, America has realized that Sunni Islam is the real enemy.

The Al-Batinyah (a Shiite splinter group mainly represented by the Alawites in Syria) units are the weak point and the real gap through which the enemies are sneaking to dominate the people of Islam. Thus, America has decided to turn into a Trojan horse to penetrate the fortresses of the nation. These units are headed by Al-Rafidah. To confirm this, I cite Bengurion's words in 1954 when he said: We are living in a Sunni region. Israel must cooperate with, and in fact recruit ethnic and sectarian minorities in the region, to serve its interests.

O nation of Islam, you must know that the Shiite creed and Islam only meet as Jews and Christians meet under the name of the people of the book. The Shiites have distorted the Koran, insulted the prophet's companions, stabbed the mothers of the faithful, repudiated the people of Islam and spilled their blood, committed great sins and engaged in all kinds of superstitions, falsehoods, and myths.

When recalling historical experience, the testimony of ancient times, the proofs of the present reality, and the things that we are experiencing today, we begin to truly understand God's words: "They are the enemies; so beware of them. The curse of Allah be on them! How are they deluded (away from the truth)." (Koranic verse)

They have been throughout history a thorn in the throat for the people of Islam and a dagger in their back. They are the fault that brings the building down and the bridge on which the enemies of the nation cross.

Shaykh-al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah was right in his description of these people when they repudiated the people of Islam. He said: This is why they cooperated with the infidels and the Tartars against the Muslim masses. They were the main cause of the invasion of Muslim countries by Genghis Khan, king of the infidels. They also were the cause behind Hulegu's invasion of Iraq, capture of Aleppo, and plunder of Al-Salihiyah, by their viciousness and cunning.

They plundered Muslim soldiers as they passed through on their way to Egypt in the first conquest attempt. They robbed Muslims on highways. Some of them cooperated with the Tartars and Franks against Muslims. They felt depressed by Muslim victories.

When the Muslims conquered the coast of Acre and other places, some of them (Shiites) backed the Christians against the Muslims, according to the stories related by some of them. These are just a few examples of their doings. There are even more serious anecdotes.

They (Shiites) harbor more evil and rancor against Muslims, big and small, devout and non-devout, than anyone else. They like insulting Muslims and their pious men. They are most determined to split up Muslims. Their enjoy repudiating and cursing Muslim leaders, especially the orthodox caliphs and the ulema. To them, anyone who does not believe in the infallible Imam (Al-Mahdi) -- who incidentally does not exist -- is a nonbeliever in God and the prophet, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him.

Al-Rafidah liked the Tartars and their state, where they enjoyed more prestige than in the state of Islam. Whenever Muslims triumphed over Christians and infidels, Al-Rafidah became depressed. And, whenever Christians and infidels triumphed over, it was a day of jubilation for Al-Rafidah.

This is the end of what Shaykh-al-Islam Ibn-Taymiyah said about them. It is as if he is living among us today, an eyewitness of what is taking place, and saying:

If the Jews had a state in Iraq and elsewhere, Al-Rafidah would be their biggest collaborators. They always support infidels, including Jews and Christians. They help them in killing Muslims.

Ari'el Sharon says in his memoirs: "We spoke a great deal about the relations with the other communities, especially the Shia and Druze. I personally asked Israelis to strengthen ties with these two minority communities. I even suggested giving them some of the weapons that Israel acquired as a token to the Shiites, who also suffered from serious problems with the PLO. But, I will not go into the details. I have never considered the Shiites as Israel's enemies in the long term."

Listen, O Muslims, to the words of Leslie Gelb, (former) president of the Council on Foreign Relations in an article in The New York Times. He says: The only viable strategy in Iraq is to correct the historical defect and move in stages toward a three-state solution: Kurds in the north, Sunnis in the center, and Shiites in the south. He also says: The general idea is to strengthen the Shiites and the Kurds and to weaken the Sunnis, and then wait to see if we would stop at autonomy or encourage the establishment of a state. The first step must be to make the north and south two autonomous regions with clear boundaries in line with ethnic rights. Give all the billions of dollars that the Congress approved for the reconstruction of Iraq to the Shiites and the Kurds. He adds: The United States will help arm and train the Kurds and the Shiites, if requested.

Is this not what Al-Rafidah did when the infidel occupation forces entered the country? An orientalist once said: Were it not for the Safawid (Persian) state, we in Europe would have been reading the Koran the way Algerian berbers read it today.

Yes, the hordes of the Ottoman Empire reached the gates of Vienna. But, they stopped there and then retreated to defend the Muslims in Baghdad by repulsing an attack by the Safawid state, which spilled blood, violated sanctities, destroyed mosques, and killed Sunnis for no reason whatsoever except their love for the companions of Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him. That was the last point to be reached by the Muslim armies. The Islamic wave then receded and its shade faded out due to the painful rancorous strikes that the state of Al-Rafidah dealt to the Ottoman Empire.

These people (Shiites) were repudiated by the old salafi imams, who revealed their true nature. Here is Imam Al-Bukhari saying: I consider the one who does not repudiate them as ignorant, unless he is not familiar with their sect. He also said: I never had the misfortune of praying behind a Jew, a Christian, or a Rafidi (Shiite). We must not eat their food, attend their funerals, or visit their sick.

Here is Imam Malik: He who insults the companions of the prophet, may the peace and blessings of God be upon him, has no share in Islam. He also says: He who dislikes the prophet's companions is an infidel. Imam Al-Shafi'i corroborated what he said.

Here is Imam Ahmad (Ibn Hanbal) saying: He who insults the prophet's companions or degrades them is considered a mean Rafidi innovator and a violator whom God would not accept. Loving the prophet's companions is a duty, praying for them brings us closer to God, and following in their foot steps is a virtue.

These people, these serpents, have begun to hiss anew and to show up their heads. They and their American allies and the scum of Sunnis want to draw a map of the region and use armies and open and secret groups. They penetrated sensitive centers and controlled the police and the army. Yes, the treason forces, or so-called Badr Forces, which entered Iraq with the motto: "Revenge, revenge from Tikrit and Al-Anbar," have stripped this motto and donned the police and army uniform in order to kill Sunnis in the name of the state and the law and the protection of the country and the people. They are getting ready to inherit the land and take control of the country so as to establish their Rafidi state from Iran to Iraq, Syria of the Al-Batiniyah group, Lebanon's Hizballat (meaning party of idol rather than God), and the cardboard Gulf kingdoms, whose lands are filled with Rafidi mines and Shiite hotbeds.

Still, let the world know that we were not the first to start the fighting. They are the ones who killed the mujahidin, assassinated the refugees, and the eyes and ears of the Americans. Many mujahidin were killed by treacherous bullets that came from behind their backs at the hands of these people. They also stormed mosques and turned them into dens for paganism and infidelity. They raped women and violated sanctities and are now killing and liquidating Sunni preachers, ulema, and men of learning.

Unfortunately, all this is taking place while the Sunnis are asleep due to lies told by their so-called wise men and ulema that drugged the nation and let it down. They were the bridge, which the enemies crossed to kill the nation. Whenever the nation wanted to wake up and avenge for the humiliation of its religion and honor, they told it: Stay asleep and don't wake up. Do you want it to be a sectarian war? Meanwhile, the cunning continues and the war plan proceeds.

These defeatists continue to inject the nation with opium of slow death. These people are torture for Muslims and mercy for infidels. Here is one of them attacking the mujahid Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin accusing him of being a US lackey, while praising the imam of infidelity and atheism (Al-Sistani). He praises him and describes him as the highest Muslim scholar. To whom can we complain but to God?

We have known Muslim ulema throughout the history of the nation leading the masses and facing defeatism with swords in defense of the creed and protection of Islam and its people and territory.

As for these, their struggle and jihad is a ceaseless and feverish race to the doors of the infidel occupier. They carry with them in one hand forged testimonials about the false religious knowledge which they claim to possess, and in the other hand the garbs of vainglory. They beg from their enemies to give them a vassal position and to recognize their right to represent the Sunnis, as if they have not read the Koran or listened to the lessons of history; namely, that rights cannot be granted but are taken by force, that the country will not be liberated except by the sword.

Lofty honor cannot escape harm unless blood is spilled around it. (Ancient Arabic poetry)

Have you forgotten our example, Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him? The infidels offered to make him a king and obey his every word but he refused and opted for the path of jihad. Why have you abandoned his guidance, renounced his example, and stood under the umbrella of the infidel occupier, thus giving him legitimacy and betraying the Islamic nation's jihad against him? Why do you lie to the nation and claim that you can wrest the nation's rights through your political intrigues and peaceful initiatives while you know perfectly well that you have no authority over the chair on which you are sitting?

You are under the illusion that with your warm kisses to Bremer and your roaring laughter with him you will win his heart and his trust, and that he will hand the country over to you with love and honor?

O nation of Islam. You are aware that the United States does not want any good for us, that it wants only to keep us unbalanced and in a state of weakness. The clamor that they are raising these days and their warning against the mujahidin plan is not to preserve the blood of the Muslims, improve their conditions, or safeguard their wealth, but because they are terrified that the mujahidin will continue their plan, expose the liars, and uncover the reality of the battle. This is because they know that the Sunnis are great heroes and great lions, that if these mujahidin wake up from their slumbers and regain consciousness and enter the arena of battle with the Americans and Jews and their supporters from the Al-Rafidah and the idiots of the Sunnis, the entire world will not be able to stop their advance or halt their progress. Therefore, they have warned and are continuing to warn against the genuine battle under the pretext of fear from sectarianism and their allegations about their care for the homeland. They are liars.

The United States has started to hide in the background, pushing these supporters to the frontlines to replace it in fighting the mujahidin. Our enemy now and the impending threat to the jihad are these Al-Rafidah along with the dregs of the Sunnis. They know the loopholes and are aware of the entry and escape routes, and are directing their spears at the chests of the mujahidin. Shall we leave them to bury jihad and uproot it under the pretext of fear from an alleged sectarian discord?

They are warning of a sectarian war and expressing care about the Iraqi blood and homeland. Did they care about the Iraqi blood when their military contingents were fighting side by side with the Magian Al-Rafidah state (Iran) against their own people? O forgetful Sunnis, ask your sons, who were fighting for the tyrant Saddam, and whom the Iranian Al-Rafidah army took prisoner. Ask them; who tortured them? Was it not the treachery corps (Faylaq al-Ghadr), the Badr Corps? Was (Muhammad) Baqir al-Hakim, the perished one, not interrogating and torturing them with his own hands? You forget too soon, O Sunnis.

It was most surprising that the United States should have allowed Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim, who took Iran, the enemy of America, as his headquarters in his opposition to Iraq. Al-Hakim carries the same Iranian Shiite ideology and is a protege of the Iranian regime. He used to obtain all of his weapons from this regime. Then he was allowed to enter Iraq by a secret agreement that was reached in Geneva, and which was reported by many newspapers, including the French newspaper Le Canard. The paper said that the scenario of Al-Hakim's return to Iraq was in accordance with a plan that was carefully drawn up in Geneva by the Bush administration and whose aim was to ensure the safe return of Al-Hakim. His killing was a blow to the United States, to the extent that Paul Wolfowitz, deputy US secretary of defense, who is one of the Pentagon hardliners, eulogized him and described him as a genuine nationalist and a source of inspiration for the members of various religions.

Why should not they express pain for his killing, given that he called acts of jihad acts of violence and a destruction of the country? Thus things are given false names and the agentry and treachery become one of the acceptable options. The killing of Al-Hakim was for us a generous act of God. He was full of deception and hostility to the people of Islam. Al-Hakim ordered his corps, the treachery corps, to shed the blood of Muslims, dishonor them, and take over their mosques. How many mosque did they usurp, how many honors of free Muslim women did they violate? How many mujahid Muslims did they kill? How many men and women detainees were arrested by the Americans just because of the betrayal by Al-Hakim's men? It is enough to know that the Americans have not arrested a single Al-Rafidah man or woman while their jails are full of men and woman detainees from the Sunnis.

Let the entire world know that we are going ahead with God's help to kill their imams and cut off their heads to avenge Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali, as well as Al-Hasan, Al-Husayn, and A'ishah, and the blood that has been shed, the violated honors, and the usurped mosques. O snakes of evil, we will not stay our hands until you abandon our mosques, stop shedding the Sunni people's blood, and stop dishonoring our prophet, May God's peace and blessings be upon him; and until you stop siding with the enemies, the Christians and Jews, in their war against Muslims.

O nation of Islam, O my nation: We are pained by the strange humiliation and the utter silence with which you deal with the great battle and confrontation in this age. Where are the heroes, the lions, and the youths of Muhammad, May God's peace and blessings be upon him? Where are the Islamic ulema? Why have you deviated from the right path, stopped leading the marchers, surrendered to vain desires, and kept sitting complacently on the ground? Where are the Koranic struggles? Where are the stories of the outstandinbg and splendid men and the legacies of the ulema and mujahidin? Can anyone of you not revive them?

The enemies of God are aware that this war is a turning point in the world, that it is a choice between an absolute control of the infidel West, its culture, and way of life and the Islamic renaissance which is coming, God willing. Therefore, Bush said at the national council for the development of democracy that the failure of democracy in Iraq will encourage terrorism in the world and constitute a threat to the Americans. British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that what is going on in Iraq today will define relations between the Islamic world and the West. He said that this is the basic battle at the beginning of the 21st century and added: We are at a point where the failure in Iraq will be a disaster for the entire West.

O nation of Islam, come to the rescue of the jihad in Iraq before the infidel majority besieges the mujahidin. O by God, who holds my soul, if the torch of jihad is extinguished, if the breath of jihad weakens, and if the pockets of jihad in Iraq are closed, the Islamic nation will not rise until God wills it to rise. The noose around the entire nation will be tightened and humiliation and submission will be forced upon the nation. It will then receive God's punishment. Then our conditions will be an embodiment of what Ibn-Kuthayyir said in his book, The Beginning and the End; namely, that when people abandoned jihad they were surprised to find the Tatars at their homes. A Tatar woman would pass by groups of men. She would tell them: Stop, do not go. Then she would bring a knife and slay them all, one by one. They never showed any resistance. Thus the punishment will be followed by further punishments and the disobedience is followed by further disobedience. The punishment will not be lifted unless by full repentance. Repentance means a return to your religion; namely, jihad.

As for you, O Arab rulers, you have accepted to be shoes for the supporters of falsehood and a base in the background from which planes of killing and destruction take off. You are still bases of supplies, logistics, and equipment. We tell you: Saddam has gone, unsung and unlamented. He was a tyrant and the enemy of God and of the messenger. He has gone at the hands of his US masters. You will go too. However, we pray God that you will go by our hands and our swords, and soon, God willing. God is omnipotent.

As for you, hero mujahidin, I send you greetings of glory and pride. God has honored you and by your hands, the greatest power throughout history has been forced to submission. Be resolute, kneel down before God, sharpen your swords, and burn the land under the feet of the invaders. Let them taste the bitter defeat and throw them into hell. The mills of the fierce war have started and the battle is hot. Be the knights of this battle and rush toward its flames. Move against the Americans, against Al-Rafidah, against the hypocrites and collaborators.

O Islamic nation: We are your sons and faithful soldiers. We promise you that we will continue this way until the last drop of our blood. For your sake, we will always be as pure as potable water, as a gentle breeze, and as light that shines on your path.

And God hath full power and control over His affairs; but most among mankind know it not. (Koranic verse)

Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the world.

(Signed) Abu-Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, Iraq.