Title: A Profile of WMD Proliferants: Are There Commonalities?

Subject: Proliferators of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Author(s): Brian Anderson; Royce H. Dasinger (Faculty Advisor)


Abstract: The Joint Chiefs of Staff have commissioned a study through the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to investigate both the background and personality characteristics of those individuals who proliferate weapons of mass destruction. The DIA is hopeful that some particular background traits will stand out and allow them advanced warning that the potential for proliferation exists in a suspect. This study will be limited to three individuals: Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan who specializes in the proliferation of nuclear weapons, General Anatoly Kuntsevich who specializes in the proliferation of chemical weapons, and Dr. Rihab Taha who specializes in the proliferation of biological weapons. The study will provide extensive information regarding the history, education, political affiliation, and writings of each individual. The hypothesis of "Weapons of mass destruction proliferants have common background traits" will be tested via a traditional research methodology. The personality characteristics of these individuals will be analyzed in another study.

Last updated 1999 Oct 19