Ready-for-Sea Handbook
United States Naval Reserve Intelligence Program


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Books and Reports

Bearden, Bill, reviser, The Bluejacket’s Manual, 21st (or current) edition, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1990.

Berkman, Robert, Find It Fast: How to Uncover Expert Information on Any Subject, 3rd Ed., (Harper & Collins, 1994), 1-800-427-7372.

Couhat, Jean L., and Bernard Prézelin, ed., Combat Fleets of the World, English Language Version, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, (latest edition).

Friedman, Norman, Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1989.

Jane’s Information Group, Various Publications, including Jane’s Fighting Ships, All the World’s Aircraft, Jane’s Naval Combat Systems, etc. Updated yearly.

Knott, Richard, CAPT, U.S. Navy, The Naval Aviation Guide, 4th (or current) edition, The Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1985.

Lowenthal, Mark, The U.S. Intelligence Community: An Annotated Bibliography (Garland, 1994), ISBN 0-81531423.

Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center, Afloat Intelligence Systems, 11 March 1994 (or latest version), NMITC, 2088 Regulus Ave., Virginia Beach, VA 23461.

Office of Naval Intelligence, Strategic Planning for the Office of Naval Intelligence: Vision and Direction for the Future, July 1992.

Polmar, Norman, The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 14th (or current) edition, Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, 1987.

Richelson, Jeffery T., Sword and Shield, Soviet Intelligence and Security Apparatus, Ballinger Publishing, Cambridge, MA, 1986 (or latest edition).

Richelson, Jeffery T., The U.S. Intelligence Community, 2nd (or latest) edition, Ballinger Publishing, Cambridge, MA, 1989.

Thompson, Alan, D. CWO4, USAR, Open Source Intelligence Resources for the Military Intelligence Officer, 434th Military Intelligence Detachment (Strategic), U.S. Army Reserve. Available via OSS, Inc., 11005 Langton Arms Court, Oakton, VA 22124-1807.

United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Warfare of the U.S. Armed Forces, Joint Pub 1, National Defense University Press, Ft. McNair, Washington, D.C., 1991.

Journals and Periodicals

The Economist, Subscription Department, P.O. Box 58510, Boulder, CO 80321-8510.

Jane’s Intelligence Review, Jane’s Information Group, London.

Intelligence, Electronic Newsletter, Oliver Schmidt, ed. For more information send e-mail to: oliver_schmidt@email.jussieu.fr.


Jane’s Information Group, Jane’s Executive Information System, CD-ROM for PC, UNIX, NeXT and Macintosh, Jane’s, London, 1993.

Quanta Press, Inc., USA Wars: Desert Storm, CD-ROM for Macintosh, PC, 1992.

Software Toolworks, Inc., World Atlas, Version 3.0, CD-ROM for the Macintosh, 1993.

Wayzata Technology, Wayzata World Factbook, incorporating the CIA World Factbook, CD-ROM for Macintosh, PC or UNIX, 1993.

World Wide Web Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)


AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT....USAID (gopher://gopher.info.usaid.gov/1) The regional and country focus files give a good overview of economic and development issues plus an indication of US interests in the country.

ARMY COUNTRY HANDBOOKS.... (http://lcweb.loc.gov/homepage/country.html) Everything you could ever want to know about Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, South Korea and Yugoslavia. Provides background material to country experts for the deployment. Unfortunately there are no maps or pictures, which really make the hard copy pubs useful.

CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY..... (http://www.odci.gov/cia) The CIA Factbook is available on-line which can be useful. The intelligence reading list is interesting from a professional development standpoint.

CIA MAPS FROM THE UNIV OF TEXAS.... (http://www.lib.utexas.edu/Libs/PCL/Map_collection/Map_collection.html) This is a great site. All the 8X10 CIA Briefing Maps are available in .GIF format. Download the ones you need before you deploy since they are large files. Load them up into Harvard Graphics or PowerPoint. They make really great base maps (better than clip art or JMCIS) for briefs and staff papers.

CONGRESS - SEARCH LEGISLATION AND THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD....THOMAS (http://thomas.loc.gov) Provides full text search capability for the Congressional Record and legislation. Can provide useful information if the issue gets to the floor of either house but unfortunately does not provide committee and subcommittee testimony which is of more frequent interest.

INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY.... (http://www.odci.gov/ic) The mission statements are a good summary of what the various agencies provide, but not much else here. Interesting in the fact that it exists at all.

OSD PUBLIC AFFAIRS POLICY....DEFENSE ISSUES (http://www.dtic.dla.mil/defenselink/pubs/di_index.html) These are major policy speeches and can serve as a useful source of unclassified information about an issue when dealing with foreign visitors especially.

OSD PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPEECHES AND PRESS RELEASES.... (http://www.dtic.dla.mil/defenselink/news/#current) Provides OSD press briefings and releases searchable by key word. Especially valuable are the Background Briefings. These include background briefings attributable to a Senior Military Official on a variety of topics that provide some useful insights on the long range plans.

PRESIDENTIAL AND WHITE HOUSE STAFF - SEARCHABLE .... (http://www1.ai.mit.edu/search/white-house-publications) Allows key word search of all presidential and executive office of the president personnel (Press secretary, National Security Adviser) speeches, releases and public letters. A great source for policy guidance and unclassified background material. This covers the entire Clinton Presidency.

STIMSON CENTER (http://www.stimson.org/pub/stimson/stimson/resource.htm) Collection of policy papers and research material on confidence building measures, and chemical and nuclear weapons control.

STATE DEPARTMENT FOREIGN AFFAIRS NETWORK.... (http://dosfan.lib.uic.edu/dosfan.html) The Bosnia link provides full text of speeches, briefings and documents on the Balkans. The DOSFAN gopher can be searched by key word... e.g. search on "Cambodia" to get the US policy and an overview of the issues as seen by senior State Officials. The Regional Bureaus provide copies of congressional testimony and speeches by Under and Asst. Secretaries; the publications directory includes the full set of Human Rights Reports (a real gold mine of background information), economic reports and copies of DISPATCH the State Department weekly magazine for Foreign Service Officers with good info on foreign policy. DISPATCH is available as a text file or as a .PDF file (compressed image viewable with ADOBE ACROBAT which can be downloaded for free from the NY TIMES FAX page below).


ASIA STUDIES SERVER DIRECTORY (http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-AsianStudies.html) Comprehensive collection of pointers to servers providing information on countries throughout Asia. A real gold mine.

CITY NET COUNTRY FILES (http://www.city.net/regions) Another collection of pointers to servers addressing country and regional issues. They cover the entire world and are nicely organized providing basic background info and more sophisticated data.

COUNTRY COMPENDIUM FROM YAHOO (http://www.yahoo.com/Regional/Countries) Another collection of pointers to country specific servers.

EAST ASIA STUDIES DIRECTORY. (http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~felsing/ceal/welcome.html) Another collection of background information and pointers to servers providing information on East Asian countries.

EAST ASIA STUDIES UCSB (http://www.library.ucsb.edu/eastasia.html) University of California at Santa Barbara maintains background information and set of pointers to other servers focused on Asia.

HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANIZATION Directory (gopher://gopher.humanrights.org:5000) Pointers to Human Rights Watch and other Human Rights organization servers which can provide useful background in developing countries. Good coverage of Indonesia, Cambodia etc.

INDIA HOMEPAGE.... (http://www.eng.ua.edu/college/people/bdilbagh/india.html) A great collection of pointers to servers covering the subcontinent.

INT'L FEDERATION OF RED CROSS/RED CRESCENT SOCIETES.... (http://www.ifrc.org) Good info on natural disasters. They have a disaster response handbook that is excellent and the lessons learned comparing Haiti, Rwanda and Somalia are valuable.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS.... (http://www.pitt.edu/~ian/ianres.html) Good source of academic studies.

JANE'S DEFENSE PUBLICATIONS.... (http://www.janes.com/janes.html) Highlights of the Jane's Defense Publications series including selected articles and an archive of great pictures updated weekly. The pictures are useful for briefs.

MIDDLE EAST STUDIES DIRECTORY (http://menic.utexas.edu/mes.html) A collection of pointers to servers covering the Middle East.

ONLINE INTELLIGENCE COUNTRY SERVERS (http://www.icg.org/intelweb/index.html) A commercial operation which is doing many of the things that the Open Source Intelligence System is working on. Watch this server, it could become very useful.

RUSSIAN AND EAST EUROPEAN STUDIES (http://www.pitt.edu/~cjp/rees.html) Background and pointers to servers providing information on Russia and Eastern European Countries. The servers in Russia are interesting in what they provide.

UNITED NATIONS DOCUMENTS.... (http://www.undp.org) The UNSCOM reports and other periodic reports to the Secretary General and Security Council are particularly useful. The UNSC resolutions are all available on the server. Other items of interest include UN daily highlights, Daily Journal and Press Releases.


AP WIRE SERVICE.... (http://www1.trib.com/NEWS/APwire.html) Top AP world, domestic, business and sports reports.

ASIAWEEK MAGAZINE (http://pathfinder.com/@@zPjSezH0dwAAQF@B/Asiaweek/) Time-Warner's premiere weekly focused on Asian current events, politics, people and business. The search feature makes this a real gold mine when looking for background info.

CHINA NEWS DIGEST.... (gopher://cnd.cnd.org:70/11/English-Menu) The Global edition provides an extensive compilation of news from and about China and Taiwan. Unfortunately no database of the CND that allows you to search by key word. Good to check as you steam by or have a Hong Kong port call.

CNN SEARCH TODAY'S NEWS.... (http://www.cnn.com) Selected stories including pictures from Headline news. If your CNN reception drops on deployment this is a good way catch that hot story in toto that you are only getting bits of from the broadcast. Search feature is especially useful.

ELECTRONIC NEWS SEARCH.... (http://www.enews.com) A directory to a wide range of foreign domestic press servers (not necessarily all in English)

HEADLINE NEWS OF INDIA (http://www.genius.net/indolink/INDNews/index.html) Various newspapers from the subcontinent complementing the HINDU.

HINDU, THE.... (http://www.webpage.com/hindu) Selected news and commentary from the leading newspaper of India. Usually one or two extensive military articles of particular interest each week.

INDONESIA NEWS AND POLICY MONTHLY (http://www.newsindonesia.com) A monthly newsletter produced by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington disseminating news and government policy information.

NEW YORK TIMES...TEXT (http://www.nytimes.com) In exchange for some demographic and marketing data (for now), you get access to the current days NY Times international, national and business news in text form vice selected articles in .PDF image form available via NY TIMESFAX service.

NEW YORK TIMESFAX (http://nytimesfax.com) A daily 8 page news, business, sports and crossword puzzle extract from NYT. Files are about 100K and requires that you have ADOBE ACROBAT which can be downloaded (~1.5MByte) from the Times server.

NEWS FROM JAPAN.... (http://www.asahi.com/english/english.html) ASAHI SHIMBUN is one of Japan's leading newspapers. Good information on the Japanese perspective and particularly on events in Southeast Asia that fail to make the editorial cut in the US.

NEWS FROM JAPAN.... (http://www.smn.co.jp/menu.html) Selected news and commentary from SHIMA news in Japan. A different perspective.

NEWS FROM KOREA.... (http://kimsoft.com/korea.htm) Selected news and commentary from Korea. The material on Kim Chong-il is very interesting, and provides an interesting perspective on how our allies view the world.

NEWS OF CAMBODIA (http://www.jaring.my/at-asia/camb_at_asia/camb_times/ct_bklist.html) A Cambodian Daily published by the Malaysian Star Group.

NEWS OF MALAYSIA...STAR (http://www.jaring.my/star) News from one of Malaysia's leading dailies. The current days major stories and the last week's issues are available for review including pictures.

NEWS OF SOUTHEAST ASIA (news:misc.news.southasia) Provides news articles and discussion of news of, from and about Southeast Asia. Articles are from many of the leading newspapers and magazines world wide.

NEWS OF SRI LANKA (http://www-math.bgsu.edu/~mabhaya/info.html) Background information and pointers to various news sources on Sri Lanka from South Asia and around the world.

NEWS PROSPECTS FOR THE COMING WEEK FROM THE BBC.... (http://www.bbcnc.org.uk/worldservice/caversham/index.html) A weekly compendium of VIP travel and conferences where the news will be generated.

OPEN MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE (RADIO FREE EUROPE) Daily Reports....SEARCHABLE (http://solar.rtd.utk.edu/friends/news/rferl/master.html) Search by key word the last three years of RFE/OMRI Daily Reports.

OPEN MEDIA RESEARCH INSTITUTE (RADIO FREE EUROPE) (http://omri.cz/index.html) OMRI DAILY REPORTS covering the news from Russia and Eastern Europe are available plus selected articles from TRANSITIONS their weekly magazine providing in depth analysis and opinion on events within the former Warsaw Pact countries. Especially good coverage of the Russian elections.

THAILAND, LAOS, BURMA AND CAMBODIA NEWS ARCHIVES... (http://www.nectec.or.th/soc.culture.thai/archives.html) Archives of the soc.culture.thai, Laos, Burma and Cambodia newsgroups. While there is lots of garbage there are also lots of news reports from Reuters, AP, Asahi News, Bangkok Post, LA Times NY Times and Wall Street Journal that people have downloaded and posted (illegally no doubt). Good Stuff to look at as you transit the SCS.

TIME - SEARCH LAST YEAR'S MAGAZINES .... (http://pathfinder.com/@@itSeShHOMQAAQJNS/time) Over a year's worth of TIME magazine articles are in a WAIS database that you can search by key word. TIME DAILY provides high interest current news stories. Good source of background on an emergent issue.

TIMES OF LONDON (http://www.the-times.co.uk/news/pages/home.html?1051298) Great coverage of UK, EU and former Commonwealth countries.

VOICE OF AMERICA REPORTS.... (gopher://gopher.voa.gov:70/11/newswire) The last seven days of VOA stories covering the world and the US are available. VOA was reporting on the civil unrest in Bahrain months before it was picked up in the national media and more candidly that in the intelligence products. Coverage of events in smaller countries is great.


ACADEMIC DEFENSE RESOURCE.... (gopher://gopher.nato.int/11/secdef) A collection of pointers to national, academic and think tank servers on defense issues.

CHINESE NAVY.... (http://wwwcsif.cs.ucdavis.edu/~wen/plan.html) A privately maintained site with good background information of the PLAN from open sources and great collection of pictures.

DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY....MAPS 'R US (http://www.dma.gov) Excellent on-line access to all the gazetteers in the world!!! Links to other MC&G servers and geographic information systems and descriptions of DMA products.

INFORMATION WARFARE INSTITUTE.... (http://www.psycom.net/iwar.1.html) A description of information warfare as an emerging discipline with pointers to military, agency and academic material on the subject. A good introduction to the field but not "tactical".

MILITARY SCIENCE RESOURCE.... (gopher://ukoln.bath.ac.uk:7070/11/Link/Tree/War) Another collection of pointers to national, academic and think tank servers on defense issues.

NAVAL AVIATION SERVER COLLECTION (http://webcom.com/~amraam/vulrow.html) A collection of pointers to a growing collection of servers devoted to all aspects of Naval Aviation. Great collection of images.

NATIONAL DEFENSE UNIVERSITY.... (http://www.ndu.edu/cgi-bin/wais.pl) NDU and its Institutes and Colleges provide a wide range of National Security Strategy, Military Strategy and Foreign Affairs studies and reports. The Strategic Forum articles are short and topical. The C2WC may be interested in some of the Advanced Concepts papers on Information Warfare - these are good for staff training but tend not to address the tactical issues C2WC deals with daily. The publications are in a WAIS database so you can search via key word.

NATO INFORMATION RESOURCES.... (gopher://gopher.nato.int/11/natodata) NATO review articles on Bosnia are good. There are also a number of strategy articles on the former USSR and peacekeeping operations such as UNTAC in Cambodia from an Australian perspective which are good.

NAVY SERVERS.... (http://www.navy.mil) Pointers to Navy servers of all types. Tends to be heavy on the research labs and engineering centers as you might expect. The Public Affairs servers has a searchable database of Navy News reports going back several years which the PAO can occasionally find useful.

USCINCPAC.... (http://www.pacom.mil) The WGS-84 Transition Primer and a review of the theaters Cooperative Engagement strategy are presented. Access to unclassified exercise information is restricted.


These sites provide the ability to search various databases by key word. Construct a tight search criteria to avoid being overwhelmed. They all have guidance on how to use AND and NOT modifiers to narrow the search. Results are usually presented with the highest "quality" sites at the top of the list.

EXCITE Search engine (http://www.excite.com)

LYCOS (http://lycos.cs.cmu.edu)

MCKINLEY (http://www.mckinley.com)

SEARCH ENGINE COLLECTION (http://www-scf.usc.edu/~coste/searchingtools.html)

W3 CATALOG (http://cuiwww.unige.ch/w3catalog)

WEBCRAWLER (http://webcrawler.com)

WORLD WIDE WEB WORM (http://guano.cs.colorado.edu/home/mcbryan/WWWW.html)