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Director of National Intelligence

Intelligence Community Policy Memorandums

Intelligence Community Policy Memorandums (ICPMs) are used to provide policy direction to the IC prior to formal issuance of an Intelligence Community Directive (ICD). ICPMs are also used to define policy on an expedited basis. An ICPM may reflect a new policy or a revision to an existing policy. All ICPMs contain the following language: "The content of this policy shall be incorporated into an Intelligence Community Directive." Each ICPM is assigned a number that incorporates the year, the topical series number, and a sequential number, e.g., 2005-100-1, 2005-100-2. The DNI or, in the DNI's absence, the PDDNI, approves all ICPMs.

ICPMs which have been publicly disclosed include the following:

Like ICDs, ICPMs are issued sequentially within one of nine series of policy areas:

Enterprise Management 100 Deputy DNI for Management
Intelligence Analysis 200 Deputy DNI for Analysis
Intelligence Collection 300 Deputy DNI for Collection
Customer Outcomes 400 Deputy DNI for Customer Outcomes
Information Management 500 Associate DNI and Chief Information Officer
Human Capital 600 Assistant Deputy DNI and Chief Human Capital Officer
and Assistant Deputy DNI for Education and Training and Chancellor, National Intelligence University
Security and Counterintelligence 700 National Counterintelligence Executive
and Assistant Deputy DNI for Security
Science and Technology 800 Associate DNI for Science and Technology
Mission Management 900 Subject Dependent

Maintained by Steven Aftergood
Updated October 14, 2018