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Chronology of CENTCOM Military Responses to Iraq

December 1992 U.S. F-16 downs an Iraqi MiG-25 in the "no-fly" zone the coalition imposed to protect Shiite minorities in southern Iraq.

January 1993 Iraq threatens planes enforcing the no-fly zone, and the US and allies respond with missile strikes that cripple Iraq's southern air defense systems and other military targets.

June 1993 The US launches 23 cruise missiles that heavily damage a Baghdad intelligence facility in retaliation for an alleged plot to assassinate former president George Bush in Kuwait.

October 1994 Iraq sends troops south toward Kuwait, the United States sends troops and warplanes to the region, and Iraqi forces withdraw.

Autumn 1995 Iraq again appears to be moving troops south, and the United States again sends troops and equipment to the region.

Sepember 1996 In retaliation for attacks on Kurds in northern Iraq, the US fires 44 cruise missiles in the south and extended the no-fly zone against 14 targets including air defense radar, missiles and launchers, and command and communications buildings.

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