Military Intelligence Production Bulletin

Table of Contents
January-March 96


  1. Vantage Point
    by Major General Thomas
  2. CSM Forum
    by Sergeant Major Hollingsworth
  3. Letters
  4. Concepts and Doctrine
  5. Proponent Notes
  6. Reserve Component
  1. Directing Intelligence Operations III: The G2's Intelligence Synchronization Plan
    by Major Lady
  2. Brigade IEW in a Force Projection Army
    by Captain Guitron
  3. Maiden Voyage of a TEAMMATE
    by First Lieutenant Davy and Sergeant First Class Brownson
  4. Building a Division DISE
    by Lieutenant Colonel Keller
  5. Lessons From Operation RESTORE DEMOCRACY
    by Captain Schellhammer, ASAR
  6. Tailoring the MI Basic Load
    by Captain Dick
  7. Electronic Warfare British Style
    by Major McPeek
  8. APACHE S2: Improving Intelligence Support to Combat Aviation
    by Captain Steel
  9. Heroic Stand of an Intelligence Platoon: A Symbol of the Combat Ability of MI Soldiers
    by Captain Della-Giustina
  10. Project Pathfinder: Breaking the Barriers to More Effective Intelligence Analysis
    by Major Knapp and Timothy Hendrickson
  11. Medical Intelligence: A Case Study of Azerbaijan
    by Lieutenant Wolowicz, MSC, USN
  12. Thanks, Pythagorus: How to Visualize Three Dimensions on Your Two-Dimensional Map
    by Captain Smith
  13. One Team, One Vector: Reserve Component Intelligence
    by Lieutenant General Menoher