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Tainan Air Base
2257'01"N 12012'20"E

Tainan Airport serves both military and civil functions. As of the late 1990s, the longest runway at Tainan was reportedly 10,007 feet long. There are currently 2 runways, both under the management of the air force, each 3050 m long and 45 m wide. The surface is concrete with 18,000 kg resilience (equivalent to single wheel weight load), capable of accommodating aircraft of 200 passenger seats. The new apron was launched on 8 December 1999, capable of accommodating 5 large aircraft; lighting facility has been duly improved and space added for ground service.

Before the government's relocation to Taiwan, there were Central Airline and China Airline serving the routes of Santao-Tainan-Chiamen, Chairmen-Tainan. After the government relocation, besides appointing Shangshan as international airport, Tainan was also designated as the auxiliary airport. A civil aviation squadron also served the route between Taipei and Tainan. FAT joined in the route with cargo delivery (newspapers) in 1957. It wasn't until Kaohsiung Airport Office was established on 01 July 1965 was Tainan Airport's auxiliary function removed.

The operation management of Tainan Airport in the past had been run by airlines until CAA formed the waiting room in 1975. In January 1993, Tainan Auxiliary Station was founded. Throughout the period above, the operation was managed and supervised by Kaohsiung International Airport Office. In January 1994, the station was formally set up as Class C for independent operation, directly supervised by the CAA. On 01 September 1997, it was further elevated to Class B, and began to run the station with various divisions.

1st (443rd) TFWTainan AB
1st FG
1st TFS 20
3rd TFS 20
9th TFS 20

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