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Taipei Sungshan Airport (TSA)
2504'10"N 12133'09" E

The domestic Taipei Sungshan [Songshan / Siongsan] Airport was built in the 1950s, with an apron expansion in the 1970s. As of the late 1990s, the longest runway at Sungshan was reportedly 8,546 feet long. Summer convection in the afternoon plays a very important role for the occurrence of low-level wind shear near Sungshan airport, due to summer thunderstorm or typhoon.

In early 1999 Taiwan's Civil Aviation bureau decided to reroute commercial flight paths around Sungshan Airport to avoid the hazard to be posed by the tallest building in the world, the 101-story 508 meter tall International Financial Center, which started construction in July 1999. However, in August developers agreed to scale back the project to 392 meters and 90 floors, given concerns about interference with air traffic into Sungshan Airport. The problem was resolved in December 1999, and the Taipei Financial Center Project is back on track to surpass the Petronas Towers as the world's tallest building when it is completed in 2003.

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