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Shang-Yi Airfield / Kinmen Airport
2425'40"N 11821'31"E

Since the military presence in 1949, an airport had been built in Sihungwulipu (next to West Village), and in June 1951, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) approved a Taiwan National Airline [TNA] flight route to Kinmen for one weekly flight. However, the service was suspended on 23 August 1958 on account of bombing battle. The airport was relocated to Shang-Yi due to battle concerns, and the flight service was changed to be carried out by the air force. By 1987, the passenger traffic had grown considerably, and the loan use of Shang-Yi Military Airfield and waiting room was approved for commercial flights, setting off a new era for Kinmen's civil aviation. After the deregulation of civil aviation, the traffic volume increased rapidly. To alleviate the public needs and in coordination with the government's promotion of Kinmen Region Overall Construction Plan, a station exclusively for civil aviation use was built to the northeastern of Shang-Yi Airport. As of the late 1990s, the longest runway at Shang-Yi was reportedly 9,845 feet long.

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