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Penghu / Chimei Airfield
2331'05" N 11935'04" E

As of the late 1990s, the longest runway on Chimei Island was reportedly 6,726 feet long.

Penghu [The Pescadores] consists of 64 islands of different sizes located in the Taiwan Straits, roughly midway between Taiwan and mainland China. A coastline over 300 kilometers and gigantic basalt rock formation form the unique geographical scenery of Penghu. Fishing is the major source of income in the Pescadores. The Penghu archipelago consists of many islands, and at low tides there are as many as one hundred islands located. At the easternmost tip lies the Women Island; the westernmost tip Flower Island; the southernmost tip Chimei island; and the northernmost Muto Island. The land area totals 126.86 square kilometers. The Makung Island is the largest island in the archipelago, followed by Hsiyu, Baisha, Wanan and Chimei.

Chimei Island, the southernmost island of Penghu, used to be called the Big Island. The Nanfu Port is the most prosperous place in Chimei, and the Nanfu Lighthouse is the southernmost lighthouse of Penghu. Remote offshore islands, such as Chimei, receive government subsidies from the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) for air fares.

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