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Hengchun Airfield
2155'59"N 12049'59"E

The Ministry of National Defense is considering the feasibility of opening the Hengchun and Yilan military airports to facilitate expansion of civil aviation terminals at Tainan, Chiayi, and Shuinan by the Civil Aviation Bureau. Projects have been made for construction of a new airport at Matsu (Nankan) and Hengchun. In mid-October 1998 the Army displayed its surface-to-air fire power at the military base at Hengchun in southern Taiwan.

Japanese troops landed near Hengchun in southern Taiwan on 22 May 1874. Although troubled by endemics and aborigines' guerrila-style resistance, Japanese troops successfully occupied the "barbaric territory " by June. Kenting National Park is located on the Hengchun Peninsula at Taiwan's southern tip. Two capes at the end of peninsula -- Oluanpi and Maopitou -- reach into the sea to form a broad bay containing some of the island's best beaches and diving reefs. This is Taiwan's only truly tropical area.

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