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Green Island Auxiliary Station
2240'18"N 12127'59"E

The runway at Green Island Auxiliary Station is 1,010 m long and 23 m wide, suitable for small aircraft only. The apron is 5,620 m2, capable of accommodating 4 DO-228. The facility has a waiting Room equipped for 145 passengers/hr, with and annual capacity of 300,000 passengers. There is no night guidance system, only a location for helicopter's night time emergency operation.

Green Island lies in the Pacific Ocean, 33 km east of coastal Taitung City, a tiny island only 16.2km square with a population of 3,300. One of Green Island's most popular attractions is to be found underwater. The reef which surrounds the island supports more than 150 species of hard coral and at least 50 varieties of soft coral. Developments in services and facilities, including a recent upgrade of the small domestic airport, have made the island a popular tourist destination.

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