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Army Equipment

SYSTEM Source Inventory
M60A3105mm gun, 60 tonsM60--20169480
M48HCM11 / CM12105mm gun, 54 tonsM48--450450450
M48A5105mm gun, 52 tonsM48309100100100
M41DType 6476mm gun, 24 tonsM41795675675? 675
M2490mm gun, 20 tonsM24325230230----
M113CM21APC tracked w/20mmM113--225225
M113APC tracked M1131,100650650
CM316x6 wheeled ??----??++
V-1504x4 wheeled LAV-150150300300
M110203mm self-propelled howitzerM1101506060
T69155mm self-propelled howitzerM109--4545
M109155mm self-propelled howitzerM109250110110
M44155mm self-propelled howitzerM44???
M108105mm self-propelled howitzerM108225100100
ARTILLERY, TOWED1,3901,0601,116
M115203mm howitzerM115107070
TRF1155mm howitzerTRF1----56
M114T-65155mm howitzerM11490250250
M59155mm howitzerM593909090
M101T-64105mm howitzerM101550650650
M11675mm pack howitzerM116350--------
KF III/IV126mm MRL++++++
KF VI117mm MRL++++++

The Taiwan Army's equipment modernization effort has focused on improving mobility and fire power, primarily through the acquisition of tanks, helicopters, and short-range air defense missiles.

The primary weapon systems of the ROC ground forces include M48H and M60A3 tanks, and by 2005 Taiwan will an armor force of about 1,500 tanks. In June 1996 the US annunced an agreement for selling Taiwan 300 M60A3 main battle tanks with thermal sights and 105mm gun for $223 million. In August 1997 it was announced that the United States would transfer 180 surplus M60A3 tanks to Taiwan over the following 12 months in a deal worth about $1 million per vehicle. Taiwan is acquiring a total of 480 M-60A3 tanks; they will join an already large tank force consisting of some 450 M-48H and 300 M-48A5 medium tanks and over 1,000 much older M-41 and M-24 light tanks (most of which are said to be in storage). In late 1998 there was some informal discussion of an American sale of a number of surplus M-1 Abrams tanks (armed with the 105mm gun) at a unit price of around US$1.4 million, but as of mid-1999 this scheme remained speculative.

Other major eqipment items include M109 and M110 self-propelled artillery; M113, V-150, and CM-21 armored personnel carriers; UH-1H helicopters; Kung-feng 6A rocket systems; TOW-type anti-tank guided weapons; Chaparral SP, Hawk, Tien-kung (Sky Bow), and Tien-chien (Sky Sword) air defense missile systems; as well as Hsiung-feng I and Hsiung-feng II anti-ship missile systems. Taiwan also has acquired 42 AH-1W Cobra attack and 26 OH-58D Kiowa scout helicopters.

The ROC Army will spend over US$385 million to deploy 200 fourth-generation Patriot missiles-the most improved version. The only surface-to-air radar-guided anti-missile system ever tested in combat, Patriot missiles were used in the 1991 Persian Gulf War to defend against Scud missile attacks. The 200 Patriot missiles will be installed in three missile batteries in northern Taiwan.

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