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FAPSI Organization

First Main Directorate

Operations Directorate

FAPSI's Main Government Communications Directorate, directed by Lieutenant General Andrey Ponomarev, maintains communications lines for the Russian President and security services, though these responsibilities were subsequently re-assigned to GUO.

FAPSI's Scientific-Technical Center software and hardware products for data protection include Verba [a cryptographic system to protect commercial information] an all-purpose protected subscribers' center; and identification support hardware.

FAPSI Atlas Scientific-technical Center is concerned with document managment, archives and related information systems.

Russian Academy of Cryptography is a sectoral academy, not a training but a scientific organization.

Financial-Economic Administration [FEU] includes the Economic Administration. Security Service ensures the security regime, the guarding of premises, and the protection of electronic intelligence. Security Service 4th Department is engaged in physical protection.

FAPSI subordinate organizations include NTT [science and technology center], TsITiS [Central Institute for Information and Communications], TsNKT [expansion unidentified], MO PNIEI [Design and Experimental Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense], and NPO Avtomatika.

FAPSI specialists are primarily trained at the Military Institute of Government Communications in Orel, and also at the Institute of Cryptography of Communications and Information Science of the FSB Academy. FAPSI also employs graduates of MGU [Moscow State University], MIFI [Moscow Institute of Physical Engineering], and Fiztekh [Institute of Physical Technology].

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