The Chronology of Major Provocations by North Korea

1950s Kidnapped KNA in Feb. 16, 1958. -Carried away by 5 people 24 people out of 32 flyers were repatriated on March 6, 1958
1960s 9/5/67 Bombing of Kyongwon Railways
1/21/68 Kim Shin-jo and 30-member squad infiltrated the Presidential House to assasinate President Park
1/23/68 USS Pueblo was kidnapped to the North by 2 MIG fighters and 3 quard ships in the East Sea (82 crewmen were all repatriated in Dec. 1968)
10/30/68 Infiltration into Uljin and Samchok area The squads were on the loose until Nov. 18
4/15/69 US reconnaisance plane EC-121 was gunned down by a North Korean fighter. All the crew died.
12/11/69 KAL's YS-11 was kidnapped by a North Korean special agent, Cho Chang-hee. 39 out of 51 flyers were repatriated on February 14, 1970. 12 passengers including crews were not repatriated.
1970s 6/5/70 A naval vessel was kidnapped in waters off Yeonpyongdo Island by a North Korean guard ship (20 crewmen were detained)
6/22/70 Bombing of the National Cemetary. Botched incident took place when 2 North Korean agents installed bombs to assasinate figures participating in the 6.25 memorial ceremony. Their efforts failed.
2/15/74 A fishing boat, "Soowon" was gunned down. 30 fishermen were kidnapped.
8/15/74 Tried to assasinate President Park, but in vain North Korean agent, Moon Sae-kwang was the second generation of a pro-North resident in Japan under the guidance of North Korea. (First Lady Yook Young-soo passed away)
11/15/74 1st underground tunnel discovered (Korangpo)
3/19/75 2nd underground tunnel discovered (Chulwon)
8/18/76 30 North Korean soldiers wielded axes in Truce Village. 2 U.S. soldiers died and 8 U.N. security guards were seriously wounded)
10/27/78 3rd underground tunnel discovered (Truce Village)
1980s 8/26/81 A U.S. reconnaisance fighter, SR-71 attacked by missile, 10/9/83 Bombing of the Rangoon Cemetry in Burma to assasinate President Chun Doo-hwan (17 members of the presidential entourage were killed)
11/23/84 Shoot-out in Truce Village (1 North Korean guard, 1 U.N. guard were killed)
9/14/86 Bombing terror at the Kimpo International Airport. Bombs were hidden in a trash can in the first level of the airport (5 people died and 32 people were wounded)
1/15/87 A fishing vessel, Dongjinho, was kidnapped in waters off Baekryongdo Island. North Korea expressed its willingness to repatriate them but is still detaining them as a revenge for the defection of Kim Man-chul's family (12 crew members)
10/7/87 A fishing vessel, Jinyoungho 31, gunned down by a North Korean reconnaisance vessel (11 people missing)
11/29/87 KAL's passenger plane was bombed by agents Kim Hyun-hee and Kim Seung-il of the Workers' Party on waters off Burma (All 115 passengers and crew died)
1990s 3/7/90 4th underground tunnel discovered (Yanggu)
2/5/91 Namhaeho kidnapped (5 Koreans and 13 Chinese all returned on February 28, 1991)
5/22/92 3 armed soldiers infiltrate into DMZ
5/30/95 Woosungho kidnapped
7/9/95 Pastor An seung-woon kidnapped
10/17/95 Armed agents infiltrate into the Imjin River
10/24/95 Armed infiltrators appear in Puyo, Chungnam province. Cross fire with South Korean soldiers. One captured and the other killed.
9/18/96 Armed agents infiltrate through submarine carrying 26 crewmen who were under the reconnaisance bureau of the North Korean Ministry of National Defense. The sub was a shark-type small marine vessel (350 tons). One captured, 13 killed, 11 committ suicide and 1 escaped.
10/1/96 South Korean consular to Russia, Choi Duk-keun was assssinated
6/22/98 A submarine infiltrates into waters off Sokcho, which was under the operation bureau of the Workers' Party. 9 crew all committ suicide on board
7/12/98 An armed agent infiltrates Mukho