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West Nile Bank Front

The now largely-defunct West Nile Bank Front [WNBF] is largely concerned with destabilising northern Uganda from bases in Sudan, but has linked up with Interahamwe and anti-RCD rebels around the Bunia area. The Front resumed attacks during 1998 in the northwestern region bordering Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with more than 100 abductions in Arua district. The majority of those taken in subsequent raids over a week-long period later escaped and returned to their homes. In November 1998 WNBF rebels killed and decapitated a Muslim religious leader in Arua, reportedly in retaliation for his sonās defection from the WNBF ranks. In northern Uganda, the effects of massacres and mass kidnapings by the Lord's Resistance Army and the West Nile Bank Front continue to severely disrupt crop production and trade. Many residents of Arua, Nebbi, Moyo, Gulu, and Kitgum Districts were unable to tend their fields or to complete harvesting of whatever crops they managed to cultivate.

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