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White Eagles
Serbian Radical Party [SRS]

The White Eagles were armed paramilitary formations, under the command of the Serb neofascist Vojislav Seselj, who were equipped by the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs during the war in Bosnian. Serbian Radical Party [SRS] Chairman Vojislav Seselj [who was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in April 1998] was the leader of these para-military groups, which reportedly were involved in war crimes committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina, according to the Society for Endangered Peoples based in the Germany. Seselj, as leader of these Serbian paramilitary formations, reportedly took part in ethnic cleansing, mass tortures, and killings carried out in 34 municipalities in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Seselj's paramilitary units reportedly took part in mass killings in Bratunac, Brcko, Prijedor, Visegrad, Zvornik, and Bijeljina. Seselj's followers also ran Sonja detention camp in Vogosca.

Since 1995 the Serbian State Security Service has been conducting a campaign against the criminals who used to work for it, but are now only unpleasant witnesses to crimes. The body of "White Eagle" Miodrag Djordjic-Johnny from Kragujevac, who in 1996 informed foreign media about the role of Radmilo Bogdanovic and SDB in supplying paramilitary formations, was pulled out of the Morava River in September 1996. He drowned after someone shot him with a 9 mm gun in the head while he was fishing. In late October 1996 Dragoslav Bokan, a leader of the "White Eagle," was arrested in connection with a robbery which took place four years previously.

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