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Gray Wolves [Sivi Vukovi]

Slobodan Miljkovic [called Luger -- as in the gun) was murdered in Kragujevac on 07 August 1998 by an employee of the Serbian interior ministry, Branislav Lukovic. Miljkovic was accused before the Hague tribunal for crimes committed in Bosanski Samac in 1992. Miljkovic was the deputy commander of the 2d Posavina brigade, a paramilitary unit from Serbia also known as Sivi Vukovi [the Gray Wolves] equipped by the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Miljkovic received the nickname Lugar after returning from the front, where his unit was registered with the Serbian Interior Ministry under the code named Lugar. Terror and crimes in the region of Bosanski Samac were, according to the indictment, part of a wide and systematic campaign against the civilian population in that municipality, which, according to the 1991 census, had 33,000 inhabitants, of which 17,000 were Croats and Muslims. In 1995 less than 300 of them were still there.

The killing prompted speculation that the Serbian state security service had started to liquidate people who could testify regarding the activities of the Serb authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war. Miljkovic's attorney, Tatomir Lekovic, said that the murder of Miljkovic "was one more in a series of murders, individual liquidations which are carried out in the organization and under the watchful eye of the Serbian Interior Ministry and the state security service, in order to eliminate proof of the involvement of (Yugoslav president) Slobodan Milosevic and his services in the war in Bosnia."

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