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Anti-Imperialist Territorial Nuclei (NTA)


Clandestine leftist extremist group that first appeared in the Friuli region in Italy in 1995. Adopted the class-struggle ideology of the Red Brigades of the 1970s and 1980s and a similar logo—an encircled five-point star—for their declarations. Seeks the formation of an “anti-imperialist fighting front” with other Italian leftist terrorist groups including Revolutionary Proletarian Initiative Nuclei and the New Red Brigades. Opposes what it perceives as US and NATO imperialism and condemns Italy’s foreign and labor polices. Identified experts in four Italian Government sectors—federalism, privatizations, justice reform, and jobs and pensions—as potential targets in a leaflet dated January 2002.


To date, the group has conducted attacks against property rather than persons. This pattern continued in 2003 when NTA claimed responsibility for the arson attacks against three vehicles belonging to US troops serving at the Ederle and Aviano bases in Italy. In January 2002, police thwarted an attempt by four NTA members to enter the Rivolto Military Air Base. It claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in September 2000 against the Central European Initiative office in Trieste and a bomb attack in August 2001 against the Venice Tribunal building. During the NATO intervention in Kosovo, NTA members threw gasoline bombs at the Venice and Rome headquarters of the then-ruling party, Democrats of the Left.


Approximately 20 members. In 2003, no NTA members were arrested and prosecuted.

Location/Area of Operation

Primarily northeastern Italy.

External Aid

None evident.

Sources and Resources

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