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Party of Democratic Kampuchea
Khmer Rouge


The Khmer Rouge is a Communist insurgency that is trying to destabilize the Cambodian Government. Under Pol Pot's leadership, the Khmer Rouge conducted a campaign of genocide in which more than 1 million persons were killed during its four years in power in the late 1970s. Although there have been large-scale defections from the Khmer Rouge to Cambodian Government forces since 1996, and the group suffered a significant split in 1997, it still may be considered dangerous.


The Khmer Rouge now is engaged in a low-level insurgency against the Cambodian Government. Although its victims are mainly Cambodian villagers, the Khmer Rouge has occasionally kidnapped and killed foreigners traveling in remote rural areas.


One to two thousand.

Location/Area of Operation

The Khmer Rouge operates in outlying provinces in Cambodia, particularly in pockets along the Thailand border.

External Aid

The Khmer Rouge is not currently receiving external assistance.

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