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Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade (IIPB)


One of three terrorist groups affiliated with Chechen guerrillas that furnished personnel to carry out the seizure of the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow on 23 October 2002. The suicide attackers took more than 800 hostages, whom they threatened to kill if the Russian Government did not meet their demands, including the withdrawal of Russian forces from Chechnya. Chechen extremist leader Shamil Basayev—who claimed responsibility for ordering the seizure—established the IIPB in 1998, which he led with Saudi-born mujahidin leader Ibn al-Khattab until the latter’s death in March 2002. Arab mujahidin leader Abu al-Walid has since taken over Khattab’s leadership role in the IIPB, which consists of Chechens, Arabs, and other foreign fighters. Designated under EO 13224 in February 2003.


Primarily guerrilla operations against Russian forces.


Up to 400 fighters, including as many as 100 Arabs and other foreign fighters.

Location/Area of Operation

Primarily in Chechnya and adjacent areas of the north Caucasus, but major logistic activities also occur in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey.

External Aid

The IIPB and its Arab leaders appear to be a primary conduit for Islamic funding for the Chechen guerrillas, in part through links to al-Qaida–related financiers on the Arabian Peninsula.

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