[This article was published in the 19th issue of Nida'ul Islam
magazine (, July - August 1997]

Ethiopian Plots Over Somalia

Kings and heads of government, throughout history, have openly claimed that the Muslims are invaders with no right of residing in Eastern Africa

Since the fall of Ziad Birry, Somalia has become free for all the missionaries to roam there with their organizationworking under different guises. ThChristian proselytizing efforts increased amongst Somalis either through welcoming refugees to Europe and other Western countries, or through those who are tossing and turning in an episode of misery and sorrows as a result of tribal warfare. Within this troubled atmosphere, the Christians found the opportunity to build a church in Hergisa, and they strive to build many others like it in other cities. We Ask Allah Most Exalted to quash their hopes.

Further, the suspect organizations which paved the way for the tragedy in Somalia, with homelessness and famines, and families being separated, were patiently waiting for the theatrical production to be completed. This indicates that all the false tears shed by the Christian countries when the famine was harvesting people to their graves in Bido and other places, was only to throw dust into the eyes of people. We saw that when Islamic organizations attempted to rescue the situation and to limit the tragedy, the Western Christian countries set off all their media alarm bells to warn of the possibility of the "fundamentalists" controlling East Africa, all this to justify their military invasion and to accelerate their efforts to occupy it. In the middle of this media commotion, American warships took to sea and landed troops on the Somali shores carrying weapons of warfare including Cobra and ACA 130 helicopter gunships, "in order to provide food for the starving"! What is also amazing is the fact that most of the Somali warlords were writing to America and the United Nations asking them to interfere militarily in Somalia as they suspected that this would free them from the flames. Instead we saw the American marines arrive to the shores of Mogadishu. As soon as this was publicized, other Western countries declared their readiness to send some of their troops to Somalia. Official bodies in these countries also declared that they would not be mere spectators with respect to what America did by keeping the region to itself. In order for these countries to be there for the division, they sent their forces which included Italian, German, and French troops as well as others.

After a period of this occupation, news began to emerge about disputes between these occupants. This basically lit the wick of the people's anger leading them to take up arms against these invading forces. The participation of certain Muslim groups in this people's defense of their country -with the help of Allah- was mostly responsible for the big American losses. For the jets which were brought down by the RBG7, were brought down by the Muslim youth. Also, most of the tanks which were destroyed, were destroyed at the hands of these youth. America saw with its own eyes that the matter had gotten serious, and that this invasion was beginning to look more like Vietnam, and hence it cut its losses and completely withdrew in defeat from Somalia. Their ambassador in Kenya had previously warned them of the ferocity of Somali society, they did not take heed and blamed this on the fancy of the ambassador, however, it did not take long for them to see what they were promised.

As America withdrew, so did all the other countries. However, some of the American warships remained on the shores of Mogadishu whilst other Western countries attempted to get a foothold in parts of Somalia, Germany concentrated on Barn and Lasqra where the Worsenggalia tribe lives, and Norway had its representatives in Las'anud for three years under the guise of an aid organization. Italy and Britain also concentrated on the areas which submitted to their occupation during their colonial period. This indicates that these countries are looking for the opportunity to return, for they have no intention of leaving their prey to convalesce and regain its strength after all their planning to divide it among themselves.

The history of East Africa is a witness to religious transgressions by the Christian Ethiopians against the Muslim Somalis who seem to inherit these transgressions with every new generation. These incursions date back to the Islamic kingdoms of Taraz and continue through the eras of the Ethiopian occupation of the Somali lands including Harar. From 1977 to these days, when we see Jihad going through its highest stage, no sooner that we see the people recuperate from war for a short period of time that we see it going again and raging fiercely. The war throughout these years was one where victory was shifting between the two parties, as is the nature of the war between truth and falsehood. However, there are elements which accompanied this war and distinguished its battles, amongst which are:

1- Ongoing support from Christian countries to Ethiopia in its battles against the Muslims and their supplies of troops, money, and arms, in addition to political support. Everytime the Christian throne in this area began to topple, and the Muslims appear to be nearing victory, these countries would rush to help Ethiopia and stand by its side.

As a contemporary example of the assistance of Christian countries to Ethiopia, America has been reported in the book "The red sea and the Arab Israeli conflict", "Ethiopia received from the United States between 1953 and 1974 economic aid to the value of 35 million dollars, and military aid to the value of 2,786 million dollars, these amounts were 50% of the aid which America paid to the entire African continent during this period." There was also a defense alliance between America and Ethiopia for 25 years until it was discontinued by Mangisto Hila Mariam.

Mahmoud Shaker referreded in his book "Islamic History" to a speech made by the American minister of defense Robert McNamara before an armed forces committee sponsored by the American Congress which included: "The center of our interests in Africa is Ethiopia, and some of the other African countries...."

When Ethiopia was about to fall into a political quagmire, America rushed to make amends between the government of Mangisto and the other groups, which finally led to the departure of Mangisto from Addis Ababa and his taking refuge in Zimbabwe. All this took place in accordance to the plans and the blessings of America in order to rescue Christianity and to further block the emergence of the Muslims in the region, and to remove the opportunity for the Muslims to have self determination. They also sponsored the Jabray front which is the more fundamentalist Christian group. When the militias of this group went into Addis Ababa, the West -at the forefront of which was America- stood by its side. America continues to this day to pour vast amounts of money on this group in addition to the provision of military support where there are 5000 American troops at the Debrezit air base. These American forces also partook in the three prong attacks on Mujahideen bases in Western Somalia in April 1994. Added to this are their political support and the other types of aid. BBC reported an article from the "James Defense weekly" that the Ethiopian defense minister admitted that America promised his government additional military aid including military jets, and that America also promised to organize the Ethiopian army which currently works as tribal militias most of whom are from Tigray. The report added that an American agent visited Addis Ababa in February and expressed his approval of the policies which are being pursued by the governing regime in Addis Ababa. This clearly indicates that the policies of invasions and transgressions which Ethiopia is pursuing in the African Horn are taking place under American planning and direction. The report also mentioned that Ethiopia is no longer of the same strategic value to America after the split of Eritrea as it is now a closed country with no sea port. However, America continues to use it as a trump card against the Muslim countries in the region.

2- Amongst the important elements which distinguished this war is the fact that Ethiopia dreamed throughout this war to reach the waters of the red sea, as it also had expansionist designs claiming that the Muslims are invaders with no right of existence in EastAfrica. This had been claimed openlyby the kings and heads of government of Ethiopia on numerous occasions.

Ethiopian plots did not stop at this, they in fact strived continuously to affect the internal politics of Somalia through introducing puppets into Somali government and society in order to overtake Somalia and contain it.

During the Djibouti meeting between Mangisto and Ziyyad Barry in 1986, Mangisto demanded that the seaside city of Zilg be given to him in exchange for his withdrawal from Belanby and Jaldujob which were occupied by Ethiopia after the 1977 war.

The Tigray front which is governing in Addis Ababa continues to look for a sea port as did its predecessor governments. What is new now is the creation of opportunities for this group which had not been created for any previous Ethiopian government, through the fact that there is no longer a government, not even a weak one, which means that the traditional enemy "Somalia" no longer demands any concern. Added to this is the fact that all the fighting groups in Somalia arose and received their nursing in the laps of Ethiopia.

From a second view, Ethiopia organizes mass migrations to Somalia. A responsible source in Somalia confirmed that Ethiopia is conspiring to change the demography of the coastal cities in Somalia. These mass migrations come at a time when the Somalis are fleeing their country and migrating away from the famine and lack of security, Ethiopia in turn helps these people by granting them an Ethiopian passport despite knowing their different nationality. In addition to this, the media in the West are giving an image of Somalia as a jungle with wild beasts which prey on all that go to it!! These Ethiopian migrants currently form a sizable minority in the major cities in Somalia, in particular the coastal cities. Ajjal has announced the granting of citizenship to those so called Ethiopian refugees in Hergisa at a time when the people in Hergisa are receiving the worst treatment in the camps in Ethiopia. Evidence at hand indicates that these Ethiopian refugees are heavily armed which is helping them to counter any obstacle in the way of their establishing in Somalia.

From a third view, Ethiopia is striving vigorously to remove a psychological barrier and the enmity with the Somalis against the Christian Ethiopians so that they can overlook the Ethiopian transgressions. There is also an international Christian cooperation to prepare the climate for this. The Christian countries, which opened their doors for the migration of the Somalis, moved their offices, which usually met the refugees, from Kenya to Addis Ababa in order to associate the Somalis with Ethiopia as their original capital as desired by the Christian West. There was also an opening of a new Radio station in Addis Ababa which broadcasts its programs in the Somali language and is funded by an International Children's Fund in order to present an alternative for the Mogadishu station and Radio Hergisa, and in order to confuse the Somalis with the Ethiopian propaganda. This station also sends correspondents to Somalia to conduct interviews in order to influence public opinion.

What is worse and more cunning than this are the incursions of the Ethiopian forces into Somali territory including the cities of Bourma, Jibily, and Jalkiyu, where they go on raids, steal what they can and extensively place land mines in various areas. They have also fired their weapons on many occasions at the mosque of Bourma leading to the wounding of members of the Islamic Union who were offering prayers. Information on hand also indicates that Western organizations are paying particular attention to the region of Udil where the city of Bourma is, and they are working on opening roads and paths, the plots behind these activities are presently unknown.

It would not be unexpected if Ethiopia declares soon its annexation of Udil in view of their presence there, and in view of the fact that it has a sea port into the Red sea and it has the city of Zilg which Mangisto attempted to take previously. It is also the closest seaside city to Ethiopia, with the city of Bourma being no more than 120 kilometers away from Bourma. Another claim is the fact that the tribe of Jedbirsy which lives in the area is a weak tribe with many branches inside Ethiopia.

The military commander in the occupied Somali territory sent both oral and written messages in July last year to the leaders in the city of Las'nud, threatening the population of Las'nud with aerial bombardment and a military invasion if they do not put a stop to the Muslim Da'wa efforts, under the claim that they are a source of stress and threat to the Ethiopian government.

On the ninth of August 1996, Ethiopia launched heavy military campaigns both on land and in the air against the city of Jidu in Southern Somalia. This campaign was restricted to the cities which were under Islamic control in the area, with the Ethiopian invasion killing scores of innocent civilians and destroying many suburbs, ports and mosques where the name of Allah is mentioned. All these efforts are to destroy the alert elements in Somalia and the people who are calling to Islam, in order for the air to be clear for them to corrupt the land and take it over.

What removes any doubt that the plan to take over the Somali ports had begun; is the report of the Ethiopian minister for transport, who is of Somali origin, to the BBC, that his government intends to expand its economic activities and requires a number of ports to use for their exports and imports. He also announced on his return from Djibouti that his government's state of readiness to use the neighboring ports including Barbara, Busasu, Mogadishu, Bourma, and Mombassa for 40% of their needs. An extradition treaty had also been signed prior to this announcement between Ijal and Addis Ababa which included the pursuit of suspects over each others borders. This treaty included the use of the Barbara ports without payment of taxes or port duties.

In summary, the government of Ethiopia will not stop or spare an effort until it occupies a sea port and annexes this to its territory, there is no doubt that it is preparing to take over Somalia whilst its people are in a state of civil war. However, there continues to be some obstacles in their way which they are planning to remove, these obstacles include:

1 - The Jihad in Western Somalia. This had become obvious after the invasion which America and Eritrea took part in as allies with Ethiopia against the Mujahideen in Western Somalia in 1994. In this respect America promised vast amounts of money and armaments in order to close the boundary with Somalia. This was a mere preface to the conspiracy to take over the important cities such as Bourma and Birhidly. Ethiopian forces have already reached these cities and are threatening to disarm the people. However, when the Mujahideen increased their attacks using the militia strategy, the Christian alliance became distracted from their advance on Somalia. This clarifies the importance of Jihad in Western Somalia and the fact that it forms a Strategic post for the revival of the Muslims of Somalia.

2 - The sincere teachers of Islam, the callers to the way of Allah are constantly working to revive and advice society and enlighten them with respect to the reality of their situation and what dangers they are facing. For this reason the Christian front began to ambush the Muslim teachers. The nefarious Christians have so far assassinated Shaykh Abdul Qader who is an Imam in a Mosque in Bourma, whilst on his way to perform the night prayer. We have already mentioned their firing into a mosque in the same city.

3 - Instability in Ethiopia as the matter has not seeped into the Tigray front yet, for the Amhiru are ready to pounce as are the Urmu, who are preparing to reclaim their rights which had been usurped a few centuries before. The elections which took place in Addis Ababa were mere efforts to calm the situation.

4 - The language barrier which is making it difficult for them to easily mix with the Somalis, for this reason, they are expending a great deal of effort to leathe Somali language, many of which have this task .

By: Abu Hammam Al-Ibrahimi,
Islamic Research Institute/Somalia