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Defence Intelligence Office DIO
[Jouhou Honbu]

The Bureau of Defense Policy is responsible for drafting defense policy and programs, for determining day-to-day operational activities, and for information gathering and analysis in the SDF. A research office in the DA's Bureau of Defense Policy was created in July 1998, responsible for making recommendations on security and defense policy. Although there is also a section in MOFA in charge of security policy, this new office reflected a change in the previous formula under which MOFA was in charge of policy, while the DA dealt with the operational backup. Previously, the DA was preoccupied with managing the SDF. The intent was that the DA will develop into a policymaking organ through its involvement with policy research.

Within the Bureau of Defense Policy, the First Intelligence Division in charge of domestic intelligence recently changed its name to the Intelligence Division, and the Second Division in charge of foreign intelligence changed its name to the International Planning Division.

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