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Special Security Committee

Iraq's concealment efforts to thwart UN inspectors involve thousands of people from Mukhabarat; the Amn al-Khass, and the Special Republican Guards. Iraq routinely bars the U.N. from "presidential-residential" buildings. Qusai, the younger son of Iraqi President Saddam Husayn, is the deputy chairman of the Special Security Committee of the Iraqi National Security Council that was created in 1996 as part of the president's office.

The Committee membership includes:

This special body also includes representatives of the Republican Guard.

The Committee is supported by a staff of over 2,000 whose main task is preventing the United Nations monitoring activities from uncovering information, documents, and equipment connected with mass destruction weapons. The staff is drawn from the Republican Guard, or the Special Guard, and the intelligence services. They are recruited for this specific mission and chosen from the most efficient and loyal units.

The responsibilities of this body are divided between two elements, each of which has a staff of about 1,000:

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