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National Security Council

In addition to the regular armed forces, Iraq's state security system consists of a number organizations charged with a wide variety of security functions. Little is publicly known about many of these paramilitary and police organizations, but their importance is undisputed. They are coordinated through the National Security Council, chaired by Saddam Hussein and usually presided over by Qusai Hussein. Membership in the NSC includes; The NSC, headquarterd at the Presidential Palace in Baghdad, meets on a weekly basis.

Joint Operations Room

National Security Council's Joint Operations Room coordinates Iraqi security forces in Baghdad. Situated in the Presidential Palace, it is under the command of Saddam's second son Qusay, and staffed by officers from the Special Security Organisation (SSO). The deployment and movement of a number of units within the city of Baghdad is controlled by the JOR according to a daily schedule drafted by the National Security Council under the chairmanship of Saddam. These units are connected to the JOR through a Wide Area Network of computers which were smuggled to Iraq from Jordan in the spring of 1996 in contravention of the UN sanctions on the regime.

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