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Iraqi Intelligence Service - IIS [Mukhabarat]

The Mukhabarat has a staff of about 4,000. Although there is a surprisingly detailed literature on the internal organization of the Mukhabarat, these sources diverge as to the precise nomenclature and subordination of these entities.

Directorate 1. The Private Office

The office of the director of the Mukhabarat is situated in its own building at the main entrance of the Mukhabarat complex in the Mansour district of Baghdad. All instructions and directives flow from this office, and the director's meetings with his senior staff take place here. The current Director of the Mukhabarat is Rafi' Dahham Al Tikriti, former director of the Fourth Directorate of the Mukhabarat and former Iraqi Ambassador in Turkey. He assumed his present position on July 1, 1997. The Director up to June 30, 1997 was Mani' Abd Rashid Al Tikriti. The Manager of the Director's Office is Col. `Aayed Al Douri (Abu Tayseer), from Dour, and the Director's secretary is Capt. Muthana Al Tikriti (nephew of Mani' Abd Rashid).

Subdivisions of D1:

Political Bureau

The Political Bureau is probably the most important branch of the Mukhabarat. It includes a number of Directorates.

Special Bureau

The Special Bureau [possibly known as Office One] conducts sensitive and highly confidential operations, including interrogation of suspects, training, and security.

Administration Bureau

The subordination of these Directorates/Offices remains obscure.

Directorate 3. Surveillance

Targets of the Surveillance Directorate include suspects and possible recruits. It is situated in the National Security Institute in the Jihad district of Baghdad. The Director of D3 is Brig. Mohammed Al Douri (Abu Nihad), from Dour, and the Assistant Director of D3 is Lt. Col. Subhi Ibrahim Al Jibouri, from Baiji/Al Siniya.

Subdivisions of D3.

Directorate 14. Special Operations

The Special Operations [14th] Directorate, located in Salman Pak 20 km south-east of Baghdad, is one of the most important and largest in Mukhabarat. This directorate undertakes the most secret and sensitive special operations outside the country. They were responsible for the attempted assassination against President Bush, and the assassination of Talib Al Suheil. It conducts joint operations with the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation, and undertakes training of specially selected officers for this type of operation. The current Director is Brig Nouri Al Douri (Abu Ibrahim).

Directorate 18. Iran

This directorate is responsible for the Mujahideen Khalq Organisation (MKO). This directorate issues the orders and tasks for MKO operations in Iraq, Iran and other countries. The Director of D18 is Brig Ihsan Al Timmimi (Syed Ihsan), and the Assistant Director of D18 is Col Ali Bilal Hussein Al Dulaimi.

Directorate 21. Residency

This directorate, located in Karada district of Baghdad, is responsible for monitoring the residence permits of foreigners and Arabs in Iraq.

Directorate 23. Southern District

This directorate is responsible for Mukhabarat positions and operations in the south of Iraq. It is located in Basra. It is charged with following political events and infiltrating countries neighbouring southern Iraq.

Directorate 24. Northern District

This directorate is responsible for Mukhabarat positions and operations in northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan. Based in Mosul, with an office in Kirkuk, it is responsible for infiltrating the opposition in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Directorate 25. Western District

Located in Ramadi (past the Warar Bridge on the road to Baghdad), this important directorate t is charged with operations and recruitment of agents in Syria and Jordan. It also co-ordinates smuggling and gun-running across these borders and co-operates with tribes on both sides of the border. The Director of D25 is Brig Jamal Amr Al Rawi.

Directorate 26. Eastern District

This directorate, based Karbala, is responsible for operations in Karbala Governorate.

Directorate 28. Security of MIO

This directorate, located on Palestine Street in Baghdad, is charged with the security of all Military Industrialisation Organisation facilities. It was established after the defection of Hussein Kamil in August 1995. The Director of D28 is Col Abdel Hamid Khalifa Al Dulaimi.

Sources and Methods

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