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DCPJ -Central Directorate Judicial Police
Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire

The interior security of France is the responsiblity of two major forces: the national police force (which is governed by civil statute) which is under the supervision of the Ministry for the Interior, and the national gendarmerie (military police under the supervision of the Ministry for Defense). The principal mission of the National police force, for which it has a specialized organization, is to fight against criminality and delinquency whatever their forms.

Since 1945, the police have undergone two major structural reforms:

The Direction Centrale Police Judiciaire (DCPJ) is a major French internal security service which acts as the "public face" of the DST. One of essential roles of the police is the search for infringements of the law, to observe them, to gather evidence, to identify the authors of crimes, and to apprehend them. Acting thus, the police becomes an ancillary to the judicial authority and takes therefore the JUDICIAL POLICE designation.

The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police includes the territorial and central administration of the National Police for the prevention and the repression of the organized crimine and specialized delinquency. Acting on its own initiative initiative or by delegation of magistrates, most of 7.400 officials of the Judicial Police have the grade of Police Officer Judicial. They have a territorial competence either regional or national in scope and implement approaches and techniques of investigation adapted to countering complex and serious criminal phenomena.

Central Directorate of Judicial Police, besides the personnels and administrative divisions, is constituted of operating organs of national competence:

The Central offices and the management of the international cooperation have, each in their specific domain, information and operating coordination by relations to the other national administrations concerned.

The territorial administration of the Judicial Police include:

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